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   Chapter 29 Will it be like this!

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There was no hint of sadness or depression around Carter villa. Another three months passed in jiffy marking some more of memories for them to cherish.

They were celebrating life and making moments blissful. Billy has been the centre of attraction and a jealous baby who hated his mother being touched or adored by his father. All in all they were having a whale of a time together.

Not everyone is happy with your celebration, isn't it. There are some exceptions who hate your success. In the same way, there was someone who was not happy with it. It irked them seeing how joyous their life was going on and how much were they memorializing it.

"I want Billy daddy. He is.. He is my son. Raven will spoil him. Didn't... Didn't you see how was my baby running away from me? Raven is manipulating him against me. Daddy I want my kid!!!!" Shania threw her legs and arms in air wriggling on her maniacly.

Her white might gown was red with blood while there was a body of a pup lying beside her bed cold and unmoving. She clutched the sheets thunderously roaring on her voice. Her father tried to bring her under control alas, she was not someone who could be calmed easily.

"I will bring Billy to you, baby. Don't hurt yourself." he announced sitting beside her on the bed.

Shania stopped whining. She quietly stared her father with hopeful eyes. "You are not lying, no dadda? You will really being me my kid, won't you? " she asked him emphasizing each and every word thoroughly.

She got to get a confident nod in reply thus making a victorious smile to adore her lips. Shania kissed dad on the cheek hugging him thankfully. "Yes lovely. The Next month we have the last hearing concerning Billy's custody. And it will be in our interest I promise you that." He stated looking at the broken frame of B

the file she held near her chest looking at it thoroughly.

Mrs. Carter smiled in awe fixating her retinas on the bundle of joy of her abode who stretched out a box to her. Box of her medicines that just arrived from the nearby online community pharmacy. "Thank you darling. So sweet of you." Billy lowered his head in shyness when her granny kissed his forehead appreciating his hard work. He shook from left to right like a wind up toy feeling great at the love he was showered with.

After that, he quickly scurried back to her mamma who was waiting with a Ferrero Rocher in her hand. "Ohh I should have known that." Mrs. Carter announced registering the drama going on around with a glint of humour. "It was for the chocolate otherwise this kid wouldn't have even come to see me! Selfish kiddo" She remarked knocking on the box of her meds in the air.

Kiara leaned forward in a standing position kissing the little dude on the hair as she placed the chocolate bar in his palm. "Thank you Mamma" Billy grinned thankfully. She brimmed happily watching him roam around in the hall joyously.

Uhh, will it always be like this happy and healthy or will there also be a second face to this!


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