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   Chapter 28 Blissfully amazing.

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 5996

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Raven's point of view....

"I might get late today so you stay back with my mom and Billy." We were driving to my parent's house. Luckily there was not much traffic at this time as compared to the other days.

I placed my hand on Kiara's thigh giving it a light squeeze that she turned to see me with a smile. She has been off these days not talking much or throwing her tantrums on me like she did in the first month of our marriage. We celebrated our two months anniversary three days ago and ever since then I have realized that she has cut herself from talking to me openly!

Uhh, may be because this is a new phase of our life. I think I am over thinking. It is still very difficult to accept reality, and I am glad Kiara is doing it better than any other women who is married to her ex after going through a lot of mess!

"Raven I... I am not feeling good." I scrunched my brows at her statement. Yes, I could see that with my eyes that she was not well and I wish she tells me what is bothering her.

We reached there a minute after she confessed her feelings to me. Pulling the brakes I unlatched my seat belt sitting across. Leaning in the front, I brought her hands in mine kissing them assuringly. "What is it that is bothering you, hmm!" I joined our foreheads pecking her cheek.

She seemingly smiled at my action with a blush. Now that is like my Kiara, who blushes on everything I do. "I don't know. Uhh! may be Billy and his custody! Raven I have developed a motherly bond with him. I can't tend to lose him now. I love him. I don't want to see him cry again like that day!" I agree, my son have grown closer to her.

He can't eat without having her sit next to him. Billy have more attachment with her than me or anyone in my family. I fear if she ever leaves me, what

sensical prank. Damn it. Who scares his brother like this! I left my seat in rage. On reaching his side I playfully hit him, slapped him on the arm while he laughed loudly increasingly irritating me. "You homicidal bitch... You killed my mood! Who does that to their younger brother."

"Who can do that than me!" he replied covering his head to protect him. "But trust me Rave I was more depressed than you. Can you believe how did I live my life with the feeling of losing Billy! It indirectly means, losing you!" He rose ruffling my hairs.

Told you, he is more into my son than me. He will die but won't let anyone take him away from us. "Thank Kiara. She built your ruining hope back into a palace where you are living now happily. Dude she is just perfect for you. Don't hurt her ever again." We hugged each other for a good time.

Now it is not only his wish alone, I have also decided that I will do anything but never ever hurt her. It is my resolution for a new good life she gifted me." Come on let's go" With his arm around me we walked together out of the exit talking casually, " By the way did I tell you that your son called and asked me to buy him peesha (pizza)"


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