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   Chapter 27 I want you to love me!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7468

Updated: 2019-11-11 00:36

(18+ content ahead. Read at your risk)

Two months later...

The morning was fresh and life amazing! There was cool breeze rolling over while the warm body on the bed beside Kiara's made her smile. She turned on her back looking at her husband. He looked like a kid sleeping peacefully with hairs ruffled. However, the marks on his skin mad him look more beautiful.

It reminded her about their hot make out they had the last night. It was fierce and kind of rougher than the earlier times. Luckily they were in their bungalow not in his parent's or else her loud screams and ears numbing moans would have made the scene awkward and horrible.

The good part was even Girard was out for some business work giving them perfect night of their life that was better, more enjoyed and ultimately one of the longest nights of their love making. "Rave! Get up we need to go and see Billy. He will bother your parents with his tantrums." she lovingly ruffled his hair, he smiled in the middle of his yawn as he sluggishly opened his eyes.

"Not fair Kiara." he crawled over her shoulder placing his head on her breasts. Her mouth formed an oval in shock seeing him go back to sleep. "Billy gets more of your attention than me! I know your baby boy will not stay at peace if you won't go and see him. But at least give some importance to me as well, I am your husband!" he stated snuggling her cleavage.

He was correct. Billy have become her whole and sole priority in these months. He not only have quickly recovered but also became a naughty boy who does not stop messing around unless his Mamma asks him to. He loves her attention. You give him everything at one hand and his mother on the other than, he will choose his mother. She has become his personal property. Not even does he like his Father when he kisses her on the cheek or lips.

Anyway Kiara smiled dipping her slender fingers in his hair. "Really Mr. Carter!" There was suspicion as well as sarcasm playing along with her words. "I don't give you time! If I don't give you time then may I know who are you sleeping here with!" Raven lifted his head looking her face with partially unlatched eyes.

He smooched her lips for heavenly minutes and replied, "This is my w

another second and immediately attacked her neck sucking her skin severely. He locked his one arm around her waist and the other one busied itself squeezing and playing with her breast. He travelled it down until her clit giving it light strokes.

Kiara grasped at the bust of enormous feeling. His first two fingers went in and out of her hole while the water overhead did its perfect work of giving a push to his rage. Raven groaned pinching her lips between her legs that resulted into making her open her mouth at the beautiful pain that gush down between her legs.

Kiara moaned while Raven accepted this chance to ravish her mouth. He kissed every freaking inch of her mouth closely sucking her tongue. He brought his hands together pressing both her boobs at the same time with such aggression that she kind of jumped arcing her back.

He pinched her mounds lifting her up until her pink nipples were rubbing on her wet lips. Raven shot a glance on her face that shone with desires and fulfilment. The next moment he instantly ambushed her poor breasts torturing them until he was satisfied.

"Uhhh, Raven!" Kiara screamed placing her hands on his shoulders taking support. Her knees turned weak with his increasing passion.

No sooner did she take a breath after chipping his name than he turned her around all set to enter in her. Raven caressed her butt lightly before he harshly entered from behind while the entire bathroom resonated with her painful moans.


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