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   Chapter 26 Just Mine.

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The situation was under control now. Thanks to Girard and the two officers that they managed to take her out of the soon bravely. I can't mention what has gone through me! She has changed into a mad woman. All the way to the hall she kept screaming, threatening Raven and abusing Billy for running away from her. Shania was dragged out while she extortionately shouted that she will take away Billy from this house and so something worst to him.

"Hey Billy, do you want to play some games!" The poor kid stick close to me still quivering with the incident that just took place. I don't know what else has he seen that made him run out of her arms like that. He literally crawled to save his life no matter whether he was going to fall down on the other side!

"Cone on we will watch Noddy, that's your favourite, isn't it!" He sat on the bed quite reluctantly next to me. His arms lingered in my thigh as I looked for the remote. As I switched the TV on, he smiled for a nano second with squeal that faded soon as it left his mouth. "Mam-ma" My eyes widened in bewilderment hearing him chip 'Mamma' lifting his arms in my direction asking me to pick him up.

I quickly took him in my arms placing kisses on his head and cheeks loving him as much as I can. "Yes baby, mamma is there with you always. There is no need to fret from anything, hmmm." He smiled looking in my eyes as if telling me, Yes I got you.

He took few minutes to adjust in the context and focus on the cartoon playing in his front and soon, the room bust into mirth with his cute chuckles and claps.


He fell asleep after eating a little of food. He was still being given the meal prescribed by his physician. However, the thing that relieved me was his recov

don't want to make you feel bad about it. You will regret this later, I know that." If I wanted to regret it later than I wouldn't have been doing this in the first place.

Notwithstanding I know what he needs right now and I want from him. I joined our foreheads placing light peck on his lips. I am though trying my best to be bold and seductive yet it is difficult to take the lead and dominate him. I can't do this. This is not my cup of tea!

"Stop this now Kiara or else we will regret this later!" His tone was husky and warning. The changing expressions on his fair face said how much he was controlling himself out of his limits and anytime from now, he will lose his calm. I want him to make the next move, I can't do it!

"Enough!!!!" Having said that aggressively he turned our places coming on top of me again.

A gasp of contentment broke out of my mouth feeling his manhood torture my sex with its erection. "You called this upon you." With that he pinned my hands on the edge of the bed latching our lips.

Tonight, I will make sure all the barricades between us are broken. I want to feel him, claim him as mine. JUST MINE!


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