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   Chapter 25 Scared.

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 5763

Updated: 2019-11-10 01:04

Kiara's point of view...

How can Shania be so diabolical cunning. She tried to kill her own children and killed one already! I am confused to know she wants Billy. Why but! To kill him. Cut him into pieces and then throw him somewhere in the trash. "I don't know baby why your mother tried to kill you but I promise you I will keep you safe always. I may not be your mother who brought you in this world but I will wean you like my own flesh." His hands are so tiny and soft.

Such a cute baby he is.

It was fantastic. I could feel that I had a great responsibility. This sleeping bundle of joy on the bed gave me the feelings as though I only made him. "Billy!" my eyes were fixed on his skin when a feminine voice broke into the room that I looked up from him to the door.

As soon as my eyes fell at there, I froze in my position. "Kiara!" As shocked as me Shania stood there stunned blinking her eyes blankly while I could only manage to gasp in amusement.

What has she made herself into! She not at all looked like the Shania I have known and studied with in the college. Her hairs freaked the hell out of me. I don't calling her a psycho because that is how she seemingly portrayed herself right now.

She was silent, staring me baffled. I can see the rise and drop of emotions in her eyes while her white porcelain skin glistened in the light. Only her beauty was something that didn't change but added more to her perilousness. "Ohh so my men were right, Carter has come up with this shitty plan." We would not have come back to the present if her father had not uttered that.

We both gave ourselves time by looking away to summon up our strengths to face this all. "See Shania, your bastard husband has

y and run away. Come back now here Billy!" I wish my ears drums could burst before hearing hear unethical tone referring Billy.

I held my heart running on the other side of the bed to catch him as he was on the verge of slipping down the edge of the bed while his mad woman mother dipped on the same on her fours trying to chase him. "Billy!!!" I held him near my chest rubbing his back.

His skin has turned red. He cried on top of his voice amidst his lungs torturing scream near my neck. He was badly shaken. It ripped my heart to see him cry like that. "Shania, BEHAVE!" Her father tried to control her, she wriggled to reach me hitting her claws in the air while moved away.

Oh my gosh! I can't believe this poor soul had seen such heart tearing scenes that was shaking him even now. Thankfully Raven pulled her away and the guards came too at once. "Leave me! I will kill you both. You have become pain in my ass, I said leave me!" She was dragged out with difficulty along with Raven by the guards.

I stood there hugging his son close to myself with streaming eyes, too scared to let him go. His life was in my hands now.


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