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   Chapter 24 His Mother.

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They reached his parents house. It was located in the main area of Seattle. And as for now they were sitting in the hall, relieved. Nobody ever saw Raven too much at peace before in these two years of Billy's existence. For the first time in life, he felt so proud of himself for having made such a wonderful decision that was pulling everything together at its correct place.

Just like a puzzle, all the parts were being placed in the proper place. They were now a complete family with a perfect couple, cute baby and their supporting parents and a big brother cum best friend who helped in every condition.

Mrs. Carter placed the tray of cookies on the round small dark brown wood table after handing the cups of coffee to everyone around. Her lips never forgot to maintain that happy smile indicating how joyous the moment was at the time. "I just checked on them. Billy is sleeping and Kiara is beside him near the bed massaging his wrists to soothe the pain of needles." She announced taking her place on the sofa beside her husband.

They looked cute together. The smiles on their faces seemed so consoling and obviously the homely environment was adding to their happiness. It happened after three years that they were sitting together as family because after Raven's wedding, he shifted in his bungalow and even Girard settled down in his apartment a few miles away from their house.

They had to set schedules to come up like a family and spend time together. All thanks to Shania. She never liked to stay with them. She was even forced to stay in their house during pregnancy just because Raven could not look after her the whole day. He had his office life to focus at!

Today, it was different. In fact the last one week was different and fulfilling. Mrs. Carter closed her eyes breathing deeply while Girard replied to her announcement, "See I was right. I knew it from the beginning, Kiara is made for this dumb head. They both are made for each other." Everyone smiled, Raven though had an awkward grin that spoke of his mistakes, guilt as well as his idiocy that he showed by separating from her. " I agree I've had always messed up her life, bullied her but I have always been in the limits coz I knew it, it will hurt me in the future as a 'Brother in law'— remembering everything I'd do to her for in the end she was going to be a part of our crazy family. " He added sipping his beverage. " But I am happy she is here, I missed seeing her innocent face. I like her cuteness"

They all agreed with a nod. A Friday cannot be as p

around this house between them. But having them stand silently just by killing each other with their speech was something to witness surely. "Billy is asleep. Come afterwards." Girard announced coming ahead of Raven.

He so very well know his brother. He won't stop her from going in the bedroom to avoid any fight now, only for Billy. Nevertheless, what he is forgetting is that, about Kiara. "Dad, will you speak or should I!" She talked to her father yet conveying her warning to everyone.

It was now turning serious. The heat was rising. Any which ways, Having fisted his fingers Girard hymphed annoyingly. Who she dared to warn! Him? Them? With what face!

Firstly she turned up after months of avoiding Billy. She did not even care to look for that little kid was crying in the hospital out of all the pain he had to bear just because of her. But now, when he was kind of okay and was sleeping peacefully in her real (not blood) mother's arms, this woman had to appear and ruin everything.

He took a step forward to reply regardless, "Girard!" the guards positioned to budge in. It was not required to since Raven had held his brother already. "Let her go." he stated looking straight in her eyes with no blinks at all.

Having him said that, Shania smiled widely as she quickly made her ways past them into the passage ahead towards Raven's old room. "Rave, are you crazy. You know Kiara is inside. How can you let her go in there then!" After she was gone with her pig father following her, Girard pulled his brother by the arm putting forward his disappointment.

Notwithstanding, the reply he got was mind blowing. "I know bro, but let Billy's mother fight his fears!"


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