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   Chapter 23 Billy's back home.

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A week later, There was nervousness on Raven's face. He bit his nails whilst sitting on the chair outside the ward impatiently. "Girard! What do you think, how will she react?" he anxiously asked his brother longingly gaping over in his direction.

Girard smiled, the same kind of smile which he gave him during their journey till here, in the hospital. "You are over thinking bro. And I don't get one thing, why are you getting so nervous now? She knows everything right! She has been here the entire week with mom, why are you bothering yourself uselessly! " Squeezing his shoulder Girard gave him a side hug.

They have actually come to the hospital to see Billy. He was going to be discharged today. The doctors were shocked and considered it more like a miracle seeing his recovery after Kiara came to see him the next day of that night and that chaos. He was weak and hardly opened his eyes.

However, as she kept coming and seeing him, he got a lot better and today, he was going to be freed from this stupid hospital. "You are right but will she accept Billy like her own child?" There was nothing else Girard could do than give out a defeated sigh and murderous glance to him.

There is no counting as to how many times he must have said that! Sure thing but, "Do you like to eat food. Yes Billy! Do you like to eat food?" There came she looking as usually beautiful. The black Turtle neck T-shirt fitted her well with the short pants. Regardless the thing that suited her more was the way how she held Billy close to her chest.

She had him like a doll covered in a plain soft baby azure blanket from top to head while she supported his back by keeping one of her hand around there and the other under his hips making him sit in properly in her hold. Although he still appeared to be weak that he could hardly pull his lips apart and speak.

He constantly stared her face trying to comprehend who this woman could be. Billy had his fingers curled around the cloth of her tee near the collar bone side as she strode ahead with him, protectively. "We will buy you yummyyyyy sandwiches, alright." He blinked his eyes watching her cute smile smiling himself too.

Only if he coul

ective cars Raven halted from helping Kiara sit inside his Audi and gazed back at the building in his back. This place has given him unnecessary pain and head ache.

He can't even say how many times have he stepped in here. There is no description to the emotions he felt here. This was the place where his little warrior came to the world and this is the only place where he come frequently to fight against his death. "Hey, what happened!" peeping out of the opened door Kiara looked up at his face patting Billy's back. He was injected with some immunogen medication hence sleeping soundly.

Girard as well as their parents have left. It was only the three of them still waiting to leave this place. "I have seen many things here, Kiara. I can't even tell what are they!" She heard him say. This did not make her feel strange or otherwise, rather she smiled holding his wrist and asking him to sit in the next seat with her.

She actioned him to get in at once. After giving the place a last final glance just as he perched in the driver's seat, he sensed her caress his cheek with a grin, "Don't worry this is the last time you are visiting this place. Come on, let's get going otherwise these guards will bother us." She announced watching out for the two guards who were standing near their car keeping their eyes on them only.

Raven sighed looking in the same wat tiredly, "God knows when I will get released out of their spying eyes!"


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