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   Chapter 22 His strength!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 5757

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He placed his hands over mine those were gripping against his hard chest firmly. His skin was burning, it was hot. "Only if you had opened the door, shoved few slaps on my face and threatened me to do something to you, I should have changed my mind." He mewled holding on to me tight.

He was not wrong, providing that if I had tried— TRIED then we could have been together. I knew it right after the moment I met him for the first time, he was moody and vague decision maker. He often made unprofessional decisions ruining his projects those could be big hit. "You know throughout the journey to the airport I wished to see you. Hug you. I know I was wrong but it won't be wrong either to say that you didn't make any efforts to save our relationship. If I was bent on ending us, drawing us apart then you too let me do it. You knew, I was attracted to her yet you kept mum just because you thought it will charge me up. Why didn't you change me like the other people around you? " Only that I have answers to his questions. "Things could have been different and lot better then."

I know I didn't do anything. We are equally to be accused for our loss. But not any more. What has been, has been. It is not too late now. We have enough time to mend everything. Correct, mending won't take us back to the past where we separated still it will do real good to the lives we have been living till now.

"Shhh! I am sorry. I should have done something but Raven it's not too late. We still have a chance. And I am sure this time we will do a lot better together. I promise, I will mend everything. I will change everything to normal like it was earlier. And Billy—" My voice cracked talking about him for no matter how well

the collars forcing him to go behind Girard.

It is not easy to pacify him. Not at least when he is accused and beaten up for misunderstandings. "Gir!" Raven clutched his forearm stopping him in his tracks. He licked the corner of his lips gazing at his face, he seemed dangerous. A perfect bully that he was in the college. No denials, Raven himself was scared of him because he was bothered along with Kiara in the college, if by chance he ever tried to defend his girlfriend.

"I am sorry." Having chipped this Raven breathed deeply intently looking in his eyes.

There was guilt, pain and obviously the acceptance for doing wrong. After shoving a hard punch in Raven's face, Girard pulled him in a hug. "Don't think you can do this always. Try me next time and you're dead!" He warned rubbing his back.

He can't help it. Even he can't stay angry on him for a long time. Whatever he has seen in these years, it was obvious on his part to take such step and overreact! Notwithstanding, his strength (Kiara) has come back to him. Now he can fight any problem with no hesitation. He has got his confidence, his motivation back.


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