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   Chapter 21 As much as he needs me, I need him.

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 5385

Updated: 2019-11-04 21:53

Kiara's point of view...

My breaths were stuck in my throat. I wished to breath and keep standing to the going on situation, yet I couldn't. His words left me speechless. I froze in my spot and eventually the air around began to get heavier and burn my skin with the increasing chills.

I was sure by now my skin would have gone crimson under the decreasing temperature. Any how as I moved my head to see him with great difficulty, my heart ached reading his features. He sat like that participant of the competition who lost the match right few seconds before the reaching the ending line.

"Wh-at!" my voice cracked at the unexpected disclosure.

So much pain! So much hurt! So much guilt!

I never thought Raven was living such a difficult life. Look at him, he was young and handsome. He has not even started to enjoy his adult life as an individual and already he was trapped by obstacles and so many problems. He became an unfortunate father of two kids who, one out of them lost her life at a bad interval while the other one was fighting with death because of his mother's false practises during pregnancy.

He was supposed to be crying whilst recalling that bad past but right now, ever since he told me about his little daughter Kiara, he has his lips curved into a smile that never faded away. "Hmmm. You got me right Kiara, I lost my Kiara. But I really don't regret it and you know why!" he gaped over my face. " Because I have lost my Kiara three years ago only. And The one I lost a year ago was just a little angel I named after her whom I left behind for someone who does not even worth

s you all the events. Good, bad, worse, worst and even extremely hurting? But then, it is better to realize your mistake rather than staying in guilt and destroying your life. And a true love is that where both the partners feel the worst of emotions by making wrong decisions before coming together.

May be this was our test taken by our destiny?

In fact, I can't hold Raven wrong alone. I was wrong too. Yes. If I had really loved him then I should have stopped him from going. That day before leaving the country with Shania, he had come to see me. Apologize for one last time but I did not open the door. If I had really cared about our future, my happiness, my emotions then I would have taken every possible step to not let him go away.

We both our equally responsible for all this. We both are to be accused of everything that happened within these years. He should not be blamed alone. "Why did not you stop me that day!" My heart thumped. I stopped crying and stared him from the corner of my eyes. He raised the same topic I was thinking about.


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