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   Chapter 20 His daughter, Kiara.

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Third person's (Author) point of view...

The night grew fascinating and windy. Their hairs flew along with the rhythm of winds. Raven smiled chastely when Kiara's hair strands brushed over on his cheek caressing it. Uhh, it had been better if that has been her soft palm instead! He so much yearns for her to embrace him in her arms.

It was irritating in the past yet as they say 'with growing gap and dying emotions' after some years you crave for those feelings to be felt again. And now, he yearned to feel those moments again. In fact, she desired the same. She wanted to feel him close, have him kiss her like a maniac that he was as her lover playing stupid pranks and being her partner in all the naughty crimes she committed in the college.

Two heart— yearning for the same feeling sat silent with the only thought that the other one of them would not want it! They sighed lightly. Time is really cruel, it makes a person see umpteenth situations at the same time, especially when they are already surrounded with obstacles.

Kiara waited for him to continue his narration. It has been a good five minutes that he stayed mum. His eyes were just on the altar in the front while he was lost in his dilemmas. "Everything was going good. We both were happy with the news but not my parents. They said it was too early to be parents when we have not even finished with our studies. Two years were still left, and they wished to see us complete our degrees and think about family later. But we did not want to kill the baby. It was our flesh. We made it. And anyway after a month, my parents agreed to it. But you know, after she crossed six months of pregnancy she started behaving different. " Kiara scrunched her brows in suspect. Why would she do that!

She gulped in some air preparing herself to listen the further narration and there, Raven did not divert his eyes from the altar. " We shifted to my parent's abode until her pregnancy as I was also helping dad and Girard in the business. I had planned to join in right after pursuing all the degrees. And it was any normal night when I returned home from the office with my father and what I saw stunned us both.

Shania was drinking in the hall with ashes of cigarettes scattered on the table in the hall. While I went to see her Dad went to look for mom as to how could she not stop her from drinking. But you know, he found mom tied with ropes in a chair and her mouth stuffed with a cloth. She was locked in the bathroom and marks of beatings of her hands and face. " So far whatever she listened, this was the worst revelation. Kiara refused to believe on it.

" When I asked her what happened, she said that my mom screamed her since she was sleeping her on belly, so she did that! " He laughed not believing that he will have to narrate that phase.

She was aware Shania was crazy, something was wrong with her but then having her do such a job was out of her control. When she saw him grip his phone tight she knew something else was on the way that was too far unbelievable.

"We did not talk about it. Dad refused to talk to me since they've warned me beforehand about Shania and her strangeness. Even I was not ready to believe she did that but you know somewhere I knew there was something I failed to see. So the next day, I took her to a doctor. She was pregnant with my kid in her womb, obviously as father I didn't want her to risk her as well as my babies life. " There was a strange smile on his face." We were going to have twins! "

That was not expected. Kiara gasped staring him astonishingly. She feared what else does he have in his stock to reveal more! Also, she wondered if there were twins in her belly then why does Raven only wants to save Billy, what about the other kid!

So many revelations as many doubts. Her head began to spin, and so she decided to hear it from his mouth only.

" The doctor is our good family friend and dad's partner in business. After a week's tests and examinations, it was revealed that Shania was mentally not stable. In fact that was a dangerous past behind her innocence. The doctor revealed her medical history that showed that, she has once killed a pizza delivery boy because he delivered pizza ten minutes late when the actual time they stated in their advertisements was five minutes.

There were many other cases where she was held victim in her childhood for committing crimes like stabbing a next door old lady, for killing the buildings pets and collecting their dead bodies in her closet, collecting hair strands of her classmates and many more. S

he was also accused. for slitting off the building's watchman's neck with a pencil sharpener's blade just because he asked her not to play during night time. "

Well it would be an understatement to say that she was shocked. Because what she seemed to be right now was more than having a shock. Her eyes were out of their frames. She was breathing heavily with a pale face. You can say it was her good luck that Shania was not there otherwise she was definitely have screamed her heart out just by seeing her face.

Raven himself was intrigued to see her expressions. But it was not a story. Whatever he narrated till now was not any story written by Chantinglove, it true as fuck. In fact, he reckoned as to how will she react listening to the further narration he has got to make!

"Any ways, so after I learned her past and medical history I went to meet her parents. And you know what, they just added to my misery. They told me, she was sent to rehab and now she was all okay. And now whatever she does it is just for fun. As much crazy as Shania is, her parents more more crazier than her. I would say, it was them who influenced her to continue with that shit. " There was now a rising temper in his voice. Occurred like he was on the edge of finishing his revelation.

" After Shania learned that we know her past and everything, she did more of stuff. She often drank, smoked, took drugs and ate food that was dangerous for her and the kids. And every time we tried to explain her she threatened us to kill her babies. This went on until she delivered the babies. And rest you can see now. I immediately filed for divorce and decided to keep the kids with me. And ever since then, this is the situation. " He finished off however, now it was the turn of explaining the reason behind the marriage with her and other things.

" Although we are divorced, it is still not decided who will have Billy's custody. The court strictly said we (the mother of the father) can't impose our right on him unless it is decided who Billy can stay with. In their eyes, we both are criminals. She because she tried to kill my babies and I because of bribing the doctors and asking them to say that they were born dead. But I only did that for their safety, still the court held me wrong. " There was heaviness in his tone. He merely breathed, his eyes streaming with hot tears."

Shania and her family are taking every possible step to take him away from me. But I won't let them do that. And Kiara, that why I married you. " He swiftly shove away his tears turning to face her.

Kiara suppressed the urge of pulling him close and soothe him. He was still her criminal. He tricked her. "It was Girard's idea. Our lawyer told that only if I want to get Billy's custody I need to get married to a woman who can be a good mother and who can assure the court that she can take his responsibility. After that meeting with the lawyer, Girard suggested me your name. He said only you can be my Billy's responsible mother because you have been my girlfriend and almost everybody knows our relation. Court will be satisfied to know you can take his care better than his real mother and me. " He kind of begged. Raven let the tears slid on his cheeks and stain his shirt.

It would be unethical to beg her to stay for him but at least he can convince her to stay for Billy if not for him. Needless to say what she did was more than astonishing. She turned her back to him clearly conveying her message. She was not yet satisfied. "I shall leave. It's time to go." Kiara announced getting up from the seat, he did not make any attempt to stop her. It was all over!

After reaching for her baggage and turning for the exit, Kiara stopped in her mid walk watching him who blankly stared in the front with no move. " Before I leave I just want to ask one thing." He cranes his neck in her way at the mere mention, may be there still some hope left.

They shared an eye lock, eye lock that depicted their emotions. She was struggling hard to not melt and fall for him and sympathize him whereas he simply stared her waiting for her to shoot her question. "You said twins. Shania was pregnant with twins. (pause) Then why are you only fighting for Billy's custody. What about the other kid?"

No sooner did she say that than Raven let out a sardonic chuckle while stating amidst teary eyes. "Because She was drowned in the bath tub by her mother. Kiara is no more alive"

Her clutch around the handle of the bag loosened at the disclosure of his daughter's dead. He named his daughter after her!


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