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   Chapter 19 Revelation.

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7798

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Author's point of view...

Late in the night that was howling with the chirping of night insects, Surrounded with huge long trees and a graveyard in the north, the church glistened with the lights of the ceiling and the candles. It was peaceful, anybody could meet their satisfaction. Indeed, a church is a place that is not only the house of the God but also a shelter for all those lost people who are looking for a way to go on in life.

Something of the same kind was happening with Raven. He has lost his path, although it was right across his eyes just the thing was that— obstacles were too many and time too less. And after being not able to go for the path he chose he came up to the God's house to look for some signs, some help from the almighty and see, not even few hours have gone by, and he found what he was looking for.


She softly muffled lowering her head. Her wrist was still under his solid grip. It was obvious there was no way she could struggle, fight, try to shove him away in any way for he was strong and as they say 'A man with a broken heart is more powerful than a pride of lions' henceforth it was useless to counter, and so she kept rooted in her place unmoved.

Sporadically she cleansed off her tears unable to suppress her emotions. "After I broke up with her and left the college, I moved in with Shania. In two months of dating, I was sure she was the girl I was looking for. We've become a good couple. We would hang out together, go on dates and frequently go on dinners with each other's families. She has become my ideal attraction. " The lump in her throat irritated her.

Only she knows what the time has been and how ungrateful the world seemed after he left her. And having him describe the undescribable pleasure he had with her, every cell of her body ached. It was as if he was not actually narrating why have he become like this but actually sprinkling salt on her old paining wounds.

"We were liked by everyone and after we finished the first half of the year in university, I proposed her." He smiled serenely while gaping her pallid face from the corner of his eyes.

It was not hidden as to what was her condition while he was gone, His friends who stayed in the same city as hers over that time would frequently talk about her every time they had a conversatio

. Kiara now let them recklessly smack down on her lap wetting her trousers. She need not tell him anything coz he does not deserve it, but he ought to tell everything for she was his wife. That wife, who she desired to become just for a reason.

And the reason is yet to be unveiled!

"We shifted here in this bungalow only. Where we live now." It was a shock again! "I debited my two years salary in advance from my father's company and bought this for us. It was an ideal abode that I bought for me and my family. I was determined, I would make the best of memories in this house with my wife, my family."

Damn it! She passed two days of her married life in their bungalow! That bungalow which he bought from his advance salary for his wife and his family. Now Kiara began to get a feeling of being a trespasser! She trespassed in an abode that was supposedly made for somebody else, but she lived there.

"And unexpected as it was, after some two months she announced She was pregnant with my baby." He said, her nails dug in her palm soon as he finished it off. She does not have no more strength to listen to this shit further until his next statement left his stunned, "But you know what Kiara, as it is globally believed that 'Karma is a bitch!' and you get what you have done back— guess what, I was slapped by my karma. (pause) May be because of what I did to you! " He smiled finally looking in her eyes, giving her goosebumps.

She gulped the lump in her gullet locking her pupils with his moist ones. Why would he say that!


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