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   Chapter 17 Tired and defeated.

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Suddenly the entire area was blanketed with white smoke. There was no object, no tile on the ground, no mess lying around but just white smoke that spread as long as one's eyes could see. Raven batted his eyes attempting to see what was all that about. He in fact he kneaded his together with force in order to rub off the hallucination, if it was any.

Albeit, it was not!

He took few steps forward roaming around in the place. There was not even any path to follow— just an empty land that ran white in the front as long as eyes could catch the glimpse of it. He slightly rubbed his hands together feeling cold.

The temperature has gone down all of a sudden. He looked around albeit to find none unless, "Dadda!" He looked everywhere, in all the four directions looking to for the source of the voice. It sounded familiar, it's chiming seemed so acquainted. "Daddaaaa" Raven was confused when the calls increased although there was no owner of the beautiful voice.

He was going to take a step ahead, assuming the calls to be just his delusion albeit, "Dadda" as soon as he faced the front to resume his walk further ahead, he got to see his baby boy standing just in front of his with a lollipop in hand.

"Ehh my baby, how come you got here!" He grinned watching his contenting and heart consoling smile. Billy's height just ended below his knees. The little jeans ending right below his cute tiny black snickers suited him well. And there was no description of the little shirt he wore. " So you are twinning with Dadda, hun!" he bent raising his hand to pull him close.

Regardless the moment Raven placed his hand on his shoulder, it went through him as if he was a picture being displayed by a projector. This hitched his breaths. Raven bit the inside of his lower lip fidgeting to register what was this all about while there his baby cutely smiled tilting head swiftly in the right making him look all the way more adorable.

This made a smile to creep on his lips notwithstanding the thought still bothered him. Raven again lifted his hand to caress his cheek and like the previous time, his hand passed through his body as though he was an image crafted by the fog. "Billy!" he whispered his name while tears homed his eyes halting against his lower lashes threatening to trickle down on his cheeks.

In turn, his little dude only smiled at least giving his confused father some courage to take this moment in a positive way." Why can't I touch you baby! Why my hand is passing through you? Aren't you okay!" He was just a two year old kid who has so far only learned to say 'Dadda' 'Mumma' 'Ganny' (Granny) or 'Gia' (Girard), and here Raven was asking him the questions he hardly has any clue about.

Rather, " Dadda " he squealed licking his lollipop enjoying the sweet candy to its fullest.

His face was glistening in the light. Raven clucked his tongue noticing how gruesomely his fingers were wet with the candy's stickiness. "What is this! Yuck, bad baby" He shook his head when Billy stretched his hands out bringing his father's notice 'a blue band' that was placed around his wrist.

The same kind of band that is put up on a baby's wrist when he comes to life in the hospital by the staff. "What is this around your wrist!" Raven tried to hold his hands still in his but no way possible! He noticed there was something written on the blue band. And just as he sat his eyes on the writing, his pupils grew wide in daze.


No sooner have he read that than a force pulled him back. "Bil-Billy!" Raven struggled to stand still however it was too late. "Huh!" He blinked vigorously looking everywhere and, he was back to where he was standing earlier.

In his messy room, standing blank where just a while ago his brother and wife left him behind after a heated discussion and fight.

After running his clammy fingers in and out of his hairs he realized what was the position and where was he actually standing in life. Everything was normal, nothing similar from what he perceived except his tears. They never seemed to have soothed his eyes from streaming like a perennial river!

Raven looked around the room yet another time. "What did I do? It was just the second of my marriage and I ruined everything! How can I be so stupid!" He caused himself having no idea what to do next.

He was as blank as anything while the forlorn air constantly hit his face. Although it was just an illusion— that foggy place, Billy, their meeting and all albeit it will not take a minute long for the fate to turn it into reality. "I need to stop her. I cannot let her go. Kiara! I need her." He absent mindedly huffed going down the stairs. "If she won't stay by my side then Billy, he will be taken away from me forever. No, I can't l

et her go."

There was everything in his currently bought bungalow— delighting paintings, plush comfy furniture and every other luxuries of the universe but peace. Indeed, it is true that money can buy you every fucking antique of the world but not emotions, nor happiness nor true love!

And here Raven was struggling to find some in his life by playing tricks on her. He thought she is the old Kiara who only needed his presence to be happy and contended but what he does not know was that, she has changed a lot more than he had ever anticipated.

Never mind, he buckled up his seat belt sitting in his car steadily. The engine was combusted the very next second he sat inside of the vehicle. While here he drove on the empty roads being lighted by the side street lights than on the other hand, grabbed a handful of his phone dialling her number.

The speed was on the highest, Raven took advantage of the lonely road taking his time to get to her soonest as possible. He grumbled in both agony and frustration when the lady on the call, "The number you are calling is currently unavailable. Please try again later." spoke burning every cell of his body.

He disconnected the call and tried again. And much to his dismay the bitch was back with her stone cold voice informing the not needed condition of her unavailability to him." Damn it! " He threw his phone vigorously before slapping his hand on the steering wheel. "Why me!" he complained focusing on the road ahead.

Ask anybody, he was a heck of careless driver who can set any body's heart on concern and mind die with the realization that anytime they would be off from this world. He was that had with driving nonetheless, it seldom happened when he crashed his car or met with accident.

The speed was on its end, one could see it just by looking at the traces of the tyres they left behind them wherever they drove through. A perfect thick line painting the road gleamed on the wet road. "Where can I find her!" She washed new to this city, he should have remembered this and stopped her when she was leaving.

She has never been to this place before. Considering her condition and delicacy, he was sure she has to be there somewhere near bus stands or for that matter on the railway stations. Because whenever they had a fight, and she wanted to go away, she would take her little bag and sit on the railways platforms to go wherever the train would take her and eventually, he would look around for her and bring her back to the hostel where he made her to stay by paying her fees.

Alas, the difference was— they were not in college any more nor was she to be predicted to go on the railways for the place was new and still Raven was doubtful as to how much has she changed over these years. So far, he learned her antics, habits and everything else about her to be the same, yet he was confused where to find her first.

He was blankly diving on the road text considering where to begin with his search. Should it be initiated from the railways or from the bus stations! Or whether he should look for her in the church. Because, church was the only place she would go after they had a fight or when he was proved out to be at fault just to pray to god and make him the kind of Raven she has wished him to be.

So many places and less time to search!

If the first place proves out to be wrong then it could lead to more distance between them. Raven let his tears falls reckless on his shirt and get absorbed into the fabric. Idiot of him that he had to have a fight with his brother at this time otherwise Girard would have helped him with his problem.

He would have gone to look for her in the other place while Raven had gone to look in some other. Unfortunately, the time was against him. The entire universe was against him actually. If it has decided to take the most out of his life than Raven was also obstinate to either snatch it back from it or destroy himself completely.

But as for now the former option seemed him wiser. After running through infinite streets and roads for hours in the same speed, tired and defeated, he found it better to visit the church. Meeting the almighty at this time won't be a bad idea. If not, he will help him but at least he would give him some peace.

So, pulling the brakes Raven let his car stand outside the gate of the church. After sucking in a deep breath he stared at the entrance agonizingly. He does not remember which was the last time he came here to meet the God but whenever it was, he was sure it must have been for a good reason unlike this.

Any which ways after shoving away the tear drops from his cheeks as Raven took a step forward, he stopped in his tracks staring at the statue of Jesus in the front with astonishment.


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