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   Chapter 16 Is it the end!

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He sweated severely while the soft giggles of his baby boy echoed in the passageway. "Billy! My baby." Raven busted into tears murmuring the same words over and over again. Was that even true or was he just hallucinating to hear his voice! Wasn't he in the hospital admitted.

Uhh, may be he was perfectly alright as said by his brother and was back to him!

Or you can say his grandparents bought him here so that he can meet his father?

There were many questions rising in his head— some good and some bad. However, he did not even think about Kiara for a moment. He was too happy to have his baby back that he completely forgot about her. He forgot that still she was unaware to that innocent secret of his life and there are chances that she might end up separating away from him!

The time continued to pass and soon the giggles died thus giving rise to a concern in Raven's mind. His body hardened while he blinked his tears looking at the door of his room. He wondered what made his son to go mute suddenly. "No!" having unusual thoughts homing his mind, Raven ran inside the room madly.

He widely opened the door such that it hit the wall beside making a loud thud noise. And as soon as he laid his eyes to the scene taking place inside the room, the colours of his face turned pallid. "Kiara!" Raven slipped down on his knees witnessing that she was sitting on the edge of the bed with one of Raven's tablet watching all the old videos of Billy and him.

There was Girard sitting next to her with helpless looks pasted on his red pale face. He slightly bobbed his head with a flustered smile symbolizing that he could not do anything other than telling her the truth. Regardless, his expressions also said there was yet a lot of information to be made known to her.

Really if silence could kill anyone than by now the two of the brothers would have been dead. And the way her eyes pierced through his face, he could bet she must have already killed him infinite times in her mind.

Neither of the three uttered anything. Almost a minute later both the brothers astonishingly gazed Kiara who rose from her place. She wiped her face with the sleeve of her top while handing Girard the tablet back. Her eyes said so many things, it was clear she was mad but did not want to show it.

Raven straightened his figure watching her walk past by him outside the room. And as soon as she left, Girard stood in front of him with a vulnerable look, "Rave, stop her. She was packing her bags to leave. Don't let her go." he held his shoulders trying to knock some sense in his head that was occupied with too many things.

Also he wished to tell him whatever happened behind his back in the house while he was gone. Needless to say Raven had something else in mind, it seemed.

In response, Girard was pinned to the wall by his brother who howled at him like an enemy." Why on earth did you tell her! Who the fuck told you to tell her about Billy. Wasn't that supposed to be me to tell her everything! Why GirardjQuery21403040409038662544_1571999187630?" Raven pushed him on the floor in anger.

He gave no opportunity to his elder to speak. It was as though the devil was up on him controlling his moves. Raven punched him twice hence making his nose to bleed." You know I need her than why Girard! You are my brother, I thought you will help me but here you are destroying my life. I will not leave you." The saline water drops constantly effused from his eyes.

He hit anything that came in his hand. Raven reached for the artificial plant kept in the corner to smash it on his head notwithstanding, before he could get hold of it he was pushed hard by Girard from the left that made him fall on his stomach. Taking his time as he got

back on his foot he punched Raven while screaming on his face, " I didn't tell her anything, but she knew it already. Go and ask her who told her! Perhaps I doubt that is you who told her everything otherwise who would do this?"

He charged him with another punch. There was tension growing between them. The two have been long forgotten their relationship and now they were fighting like streets dogs hurting and bleeding one another. If here Girard broke a show piece on Raven's shoulder than there, a flower vase was smashed on his head in turn.

The room has transformed into a dump yard. Everything lied messed on the bed and the two fought like the worst of enemies who were thirsty for each other's blood. Tackling few of his blows Girard clutched Raven's neck all set to caress it with his punch regardless, at the same moment his pupils travelled in the direction of the door and eventually he realized what was happening and let go of his younger brother.

Not only was he the one who has calmed down but also Raven. When he gazed in the way his brother was staring at, his heart beated rapidly therefore keeping down his insanity. They stared each other's face and then at the door where she stood with folded hands and sardonic countenance that gave little away.

After a minute's silence she cautiously walked in crossing the mess lying on the floor. Making sure that she was now standing in front of them face to face, Kiara flared her nose deeply looking over their wounded and bleeding faces. "Why did you stop? It was going great! You should not have broken the series of punches you were showering each other with! Come on continue!" She demandingly drawled pulling both of them close with her either hands.

They did not actuate. Their bodies did not change their postures anyway on her pulls." I said fight again damn it! Come on continue fighting." She exasperatedly finished leaving them with a jerk that hardly affected them.

Kiara insanely searched for some objects amidst the messy room. "Here, take this Raven. And hit it on his head." She found a leg of a broken chair handling him. She also came up with a rod that she placed in his brother's hand. "Now come on hit each other. Fight until you are dead!" she continued taking them off guard.

Was she crazy! Instead of separating them from the fight she was rather encouraging their anger to go on. Her voice was even kind of provoking that indeed made them gape at each other in grouchiness. However, they let objects slip down of their grips at the same time and lowered their eyes.

Although Kiara wanted to place one tight slap on their faces she still suppressed herself and only glared them with disappointment. Weren't they supposed to clear things in front her? Weren't they supposed to make her understand what was going on!

Yeah, that was different she knew it beforehand but was not it Raven's responsibility to tell the biggest truth of his life's prior to everything? Alas, here the two of them were fighting as though she was not even there. She was again made to feel avoided like the lost old times.

"I was expecting some kind of explanation from you!" She grinned trying to show how cool she was about everything. Her hands were folded against the chest, she eyed his face with hurt and inscrutable air. "But I don't think I need any no more."

With that she got hold of her bags which were kept in the corner in the room, those bags which were not even unpacked after they were brought here and walked out of the door. Raven blankly watched her go out effortlessly while there Girard grumbled standing high and dry. "Go to hell!" He vaguely pushed him following the path Kiara walked through.

Was this the end of everything!


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