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   Chapter 15 Disturbed souls!

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Author's point of view...

There has to be at least some space for a person to be able to breathe unfortunately, for Girard, it seems as if he was locked in a square shaped room that hardly had a steps distance around. His throat turned as dry as desert while his eyes filled up with new badge of tears. Having mixed emotions of fear, regret, anxiety and serenity going through him, he looked nowhere but her face.

On the other hand, she only smiled. A smile that said so many things yet nothing. Kiara was baffled to see him in such state. Never have she ever in her entire life thought that she will one day get to see her bully crying like that in front of her. The sight was amusing but still saddening.

The two of them stood face to face staring each other. Even not for a nano second did their eyes diverted or blinked. Such a critical secret which the two brothers were intending to hide from her until the right time could arrive, she knew about it already.

Girard not only did want to ask as to how in the name of heaven did she get to learn about it but also when? It was serious issue, indeed— one wrong step could have them lose Billy's custody. And to have him only to themselves, they came up with the idea to get Raven married to a woman who will be the best mother for Billy and then, the court will be left in no position to say a NO to the Carters from having their heir.

However, appeared like the almighty had something else in store for them. They must not be having the slightest idea that the tables would turn in such degrees hence leaving them in no condition to stand strong!

Any ways, the bright sky had its lights peeking in the grounds of the bungalow through the transparent wall to ceiling window that attached the garden on the other side. It was only the environment consisting the chirping of birds, rustling of leaves and the typical smell of a Monday morning that occurred to be constant otherwise the two humans standing across each other seemed to have interchanged their personality.

Yes, Kiara who was supposed to be scared and shocked has gone berserk watching their obstinacy regarding the case. They wanted her badly, yet they did not want to let her know about it either. On the other hand, Girard who was supposed to be all bananas and annoyed was the one behaving like a timid cat in the hot water who cannot swim and reach the other side of it.

Neither of the two would have liked to give up on the 'stare game' if the landline would not have rung henceforth breaking their riverie. No sooner did it hit their ear drums they hurriedly looked in different directions wiping their tears away. "He-hello!" Girard choked up on his voice, he had to give out a strong cough in order to normal his heavy voice.

After listening to the person on the other side he lazily put the receiver back in its place whilst turning around to look for Kiara. He panicked watching her go upstairs. "Kiara I can explain! Please listen." He rushed behind her although, she was gone to their room avoiding his calls.

Later that evening, Raven's point of view...

Like any other day, I could n i t concentrate on my work. And again dad had to do it. He had to attend all my meetings and look after the work I was supposed to do. I know this is not right, I will have to be focused and manage both my personal and professional life but what can I do I cannot help it.

Whenever I try to divert my mind from Billy and do s

omething I just end up thinking about him more. My poor baby has to go through so much in his little life. I hate it. I hate my myself because I am the reason behind it. I wish I could take action on the correct time.

I wish I could make right decision!

My driving was harsh. Driving with nigh speed I intended to reach home quickly. I am sure Kiara might have locked herself in the room and must have been crying maniacly. That is again because of me. I cannot manage my emotions. I always have to ruin things by going ape on other especially, her.

I did that in the past now in the future as well. Huh.

Seriously, I cannot stop my chuckles. I feel ashamed of myself! I don't know what kind of man am I? Neither can I take care of my kid nor can I take care of my relationships. I am of no use. I wish if I could mend everything by just disappearing somewhere? Even that is not possible. I have responsibilities after all.

Responsibility of a son, of being a father, a brother and above all— the responsibility of being a husband. Yes, I am bound to so many responsibilities but there is none which I could follow and respect whole heartedly. I was never good enough to take care of them. Never.

However, today I know what I will have to do!

Enough of my reluctance. It is better to tell Kiara about my problems rather than hurting her every time when she asks me about it. It is better to open up everything to her rather than just avoiding her questions. I need her in my life. I need her in my hardship. Only she can pull me out of my darkness.

It will be difficult to tell her about my son but I will have to. I have committed enough mistakes to in my life not any more. And I know what am I supposed to do to make it easier.

Author's point of view...

Raven's car was soon inside of the gates of their new abode. Nervously stepping out of his car he pulled out the bouquet of her favourite— fresh lily flowers from the back seat before closing the door shut.

One could spot nervousness on his face, also the guilt that has been killing him the entire day. Only he knows how many times did he call her yet disconnected it before it could connect just because he was guilty. He could not mend it just by talking to her over a phone call. Not at least when there was so much to talk about and no idea as in how to start it!

Never mind, soon as he twisted the knob of the door and stepped in, he was too slapped with the same saddening environment that has been prevailing since the morning after what happened between Girard and Kiara.

He was astonished to see nobody in the hall. Needless to say there was not even one single trace of a living beings' presence. "Kiara! Girard!" he called for the two of them whom he left behind in the morning, one by one.

The air was warm and choking that Raven has to pull out his coat and throw it somewhere on the couch. Don't know why, but he has now only started to get that unusual feeling where he felt as if nothing was right. Indeed, in wasn't!

However, just when he crossed the passageway along the right turn to go toward his and Kiara's room that was just few steps ahead his heart beats skipped, "Ahahhaa" He halted in his tracks listening to a series of melodious baby laughs, and he knew who it belonged to while at the same time, "Come on Billy, give uncle a kiss. Come. Come." his brother Girard's voice resonating in his ears.

Shit! Now she will leave him!


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