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   Chapter 14 Unexpected truth!

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The situation was as tensed as it could be right now. Kiara shed tears of hurt and pain while Girard helplessly fixated his eyes on her. He had his jaw clenched in sympathy which he has for her. It was not her mistake, yet she has to take his out burst. Raven immediately left after that incident and right now only Kiara was left in the house with her cruel husband's bully brother who was proving out to be her only company now.

Having settled together on the breakfast table, they silently sat not uttering even a single word. She was lost in her reverie crying her heart out quietly while her brother in law sat there watching her longingly. "What is wrong with him. What is he hiding from me, and you!" Girard was playing with a fork until he heard her heavy voice clearly indicating her agony.

Although he thanked the lord that she at least spoke but still there was this feeling where he felt that they were just putting the poor soul in a mess where she did not belong to. He looked down at her nails that were scratching against the wood of the furniture. Even the sound of her scratching was audible clearly.

Girard licked his lips preparing himself for the war she has asked him to dive in. It is not going to be easy to answer her questions. She has infinite doubts, innumerable complaints, immeasurable hurt accumulated in her heart and what not!

And the only person that has the answers to all her queries was caught up in his own mental illness. Raven was the correct person who could provide the proper feedback for all her inquiries however he was too hooked up in his problem that he cannot give time to himself, let alone her.

"Kiara, you know him. Whenever he is disturbed, he pours his disappointment on others." He lied, he did not know how to handle this!

Girard cussed his brother mentally for ruining everything. One day his outburst will give them a good lesson! Never mind, his answer does not seem to satisfy her. Amidst her tears she narrowed her eyes while at the instant moment her eye brows arched up at his statement forecasting her disagreement.

Kiara swiftly shove away the saline drops from across her cheeks. She slightly upped her face staring the ceiling and breathed in deeply. When she came back to a normal posture with her pupils looking focused on his face and eyes challenging him, poor Carter had to scratch his forehead in nervousness.

"We both know you are lying Girard, tell the truth. At this moment of time, I want to listen 'the truth' that you guys have been hiding from me, I know, and we both know there is something I am still not made aware of!" This time it was Girard's turn to arch his brows in suspect.

She was sounding so demanding and alert that gave him unusual feeling. 'Why is she talking so confidently and suspiciously! Did she get to know something?' He thought reaching for the fork again.

There was pin drop silence, even the sound of the passing by light winds could be heard. Girard bit his lower lip darting his gaze on her, so did she. There were some unsaid sentence exchanged via their silent conversation. Having stared each other for a brief moment, Kiara looked away.

Neither does she want to take this any further nor stress her poor brain. Her idiot husband is enough dose for her poor organ! She was done with this topic and wanted to end right then and there until what Girard stated next, gave her another reason to stress her brain and think more.

"Kiara, there are many things which you need to know. I agree that. But believe me I am not the correct person to answer them. I wish if I could tell you that, but I am forced to keep mum" She sat straight erecting her back, seemingly appearing nervous.

Her face depicted some insecurities, pain and some unidentified grief. Girard could not make out what it was for, yet he was sure, if here they were hiding something— precisely the truth about Billy from

her then there was something she was hiding too. What! No idea yet he can bet it, there was something.

"In fact, it will answer all your doubts if you ask me. But, only Raven can do that. Yes your husband has all the answers to your queries." he added intriguing her even more.

She twitched her lips looking down on her hands, her nails to be exact. There were some flakes of the scratched out wood inside of her nails. " He is not in the right condition to answer you but whenever he will do that, you will realize that his acts were out of depression. He does not want to hurt you not when he knows YOU ARE THE CURE TO HIS PROBLEMS." Girard quickly palmed his mouth regretting on what he just blurted out!

Kiara's point of view...

What does that mean!

From the beginning only I knew there is something behind Raven's proposal otherwise he would not have married me. However, today Girard's words made it as clear as crystal. I did not know whether to be sad or happy, my ex boyfriend married me for a reason and I don't know what it is.

"Ohh, so you are simply saying I am brought here in this city from Amsterdam just because there is something which I can do? If that is why you call me as 'The cure for your brother's problem' Is it like that!" Yes it was harsh and not something that can be discussed now still, I cannot suppress my aggression.

May be his meaning was different and not what I took it to be, may be it was for something else still I was annoyed. First of all, he suddenly comes to meet me from nowhere then, he proposes me to marry him and when not even a day has passed, he behaves as if I am nobody and leaves the house in vexation.

Does he think there is some joke going on?

Like really.

I rose from my seat breathing heavily. It is better to leave or else I will end up disclosing to him everything. Just as I turned around to exit the house and take some fresh air, I experienced that my wrist was being clutched. "Kiara, you are taking it wrong. I didn't mean that." I know he didn't but I also know he neither told me the truth.

Agreed, the situation is critical. They will have to take every step carefully but that does not mean I will always have to bear his (Raven's) ebullition!

" It's okay Girard I don't want to listen to anything, it will just ruin everything. Let me just go out for sometime." I said freeing my hand from his grip, however seemed he was not ready to let me go.

Yet I tried my best, I scratched his hand in a way that must have left many nail scratches on his white skin alas he stood unaffected. Turning around as I glared him hard with my dark red eyes, I shuddered staring the tears in his eyes.


It was more funny than serious! Watching the rough and tough Girard Carter who liked to make others cry, cry. I was not in my reverie until he pulled me toward him with a hard push with those bully Girard's expression entertaining his face. My heart skipped its beats many times. I was sweating badly that even his grip anyway loosened around my wrist because of the perspiration.

He brought me close by placing his other hand on the back of my head, and deviously grumbled. "When I said you are taking everything wrong, it means you really are!" I know he did that with the intention to scare me but what he actually didn't know was that, it rather pinned my laughs.

My eyes streamed while I laughed near his face sardonically. He was taken aback at my unexpected behaviour. And even, his astonishment was beyond limits when I stated my next sentence exploding his mind. "Then why don't you just tell me the truth? Why don't you just tell that you are doing all this for Billy, Raven's baby!" No sooner did I say that than he promptly let go of my hair stumbling backwards at the realization as to what I just said.

Yes, I knew the truth since the very beginning!


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