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   Chapter 13 His outburst!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6514

Updated: 2019-10-21 20:24

Author's point of view...

It was 7.00 in the morning when Girard and Raven decided to take a leave from the hospital. Billy though could not get relief from his pain but as for now he was sleeping peacefully under the effects of sedatives. Once he was peacefully taken over by the slumber, the appointed officers allowed Raven to only see him through the circular mirror built in the door.

His parents, Mr. And Mrs. Carter were sitting next to little boy on the either side on the stools. They were not so old, their physical appearance— pleasing and impressive. While Mr. Hardin Carter was dressed in his suit, there Mrs. Kelly Carter seemed beautiful in her night gown. She was time to time caressing baby Carter's hair adoring his pallid face. On the contrary, Mr. Carter tiringly sighed, he was in his formal clothes indicating he might have returned from the office after over time work.

What can he do rather than over time when his sons are going through the hard phase of life? It was 2.00 am in the night when before going to bed Mrs. Carter resoluted to check upon their baby where she noticed him turning all cold and white. He was not breathing properly, his pulse rate was low as heck, she cried anxiously calling for Mr. Carter and the two of them rushed to the hospital.

On the go, Mr. Carter informed the two brother about the problem and since then it is this time that they have to spend waiting for their little heir to be alright! "Mom take care of him. And please, for God's sake give me every minute update." He lightly pecked on her cheek longingly staring over his unconscious junior's body.

Well he was one of those unlucky fathers who never got the chance of spending time with his child. The two years of Billy's life has been painful. As painful as anything! "Take care Rave, don't worry about Billy. Once he is okay, I will video call you. Hmm. I Love you." She replied with a consoling smile.

Girard from t

my absence and presence Kiara Diaz, do not forget who you are, just a contracted wife! Don't expect me to answer all your stupid questions." He stated with his raspy, hoarse voice turning her still.

He wanted to withdraw his hands, take those words back and kiss her but her clingy nature was enough to boost his aggression. Raven darted his devilish gaze on her quivering lips, the way they shivered he knew she was shaken badly to the deep. He soo regretted yet there was no way his inner turmoil was letting him behave sober.

There was fear, hurt and guilt in her eyes. She looked down thus breaking the long eye lock which she reckoned he did not intend to break at all. And that was the moment when recognized her eyes were teary!

Meanwhile, after making sure the car was parked just as Girard entered through the door, he swigged his saliva looking at the toughness of the moment. There his mentally disturbed brother was unknowingly hurting the woman who was supposed to be key to his freedom!

"Raven! Shit, this guy." He mumbled quickly walking upto them. "Rave! Kiara!" he interrupted them that eventually made his grip to go loose around her arm. Raven, when realized what was he doing, blinked his lashes and in a swift drifted his hand back looking here and there.


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