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   Chapter 12 Ward-38.

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The drizzling night was now replaced by foggy night. The room has become seemingly comfortable for the night unless, Kiara turned to her right side. She roamed her palm to feel him beside her but to her surprise the side was empty.

She lazily unclasped her lashes rubbing them sluggishly. "Raven!" she yawningly called got his name while in the manner moving around her eyes in the entire room. The white shining flooring has the reflection of all the objects kept in the room. His big fledged room with a massive foyer, a comfy set of peach coloured sofas, the teak wood furniture with white paint complimented the room well.

There was floor to ceiling long balcony curtained with shady curtains while the ceilings dim lights made everything clear that there was no one else other than her in the room. Yet to hit her satisfaction level and make an increment in her utility, she sneaked out of the bed. Her feet felt relieved as soon as the skin came in touch with the floor.

It was as warm as a hot spring shower room. Kiara slowly approached the door of the wash room, she initially knocked waiting patiently for a reply from the other side of the door. When it did not come she asked firmly, "Raven are you in there?" she repeated her interrogative sentence thrice and when yet again no reply came, she decided to sneak in.

After a hard breath, as she unlatched the door, she recognized the lights were off indicating absence of no one in there. On switching the lights on, as she gave a glance around in the wash room her eyes noticed a paper placed crumpled, near the mirror.

She got hold of it. It did not take a second for her to realize it was thrown in vexation after crimping it. Who could it be than her rowdy husband! She wondered. Anyway just as she opened the knot of the paper, and flattened it with her fingers, she read out something like an address.

'724 Sun Drive Seattle, WA 98136'

"Whose address could this be?" she thought reading it again and again.

It was from Seattle where she was currently staying. Kiara folded it nicely before exiting the room. She trailed down the stairs looking for his presence there. On learning that not only Raven but also his brother Girard was absent, it pushed her to think in another way.

'What is going on with these two? Where could they possibly be at this hour of night? What is up with them!'

She thought looking here and there in the entire area. Indeed, it was a matter of thought, her first night over her husband's place, and he was absent! Not only that his brother too. She could have understood and justified his non-occurence alone nonetheless, having his brother gone too along with him did not give her a good feeling.

Kiara tried to call him, his number proved out to be unavailable. She tried with Girard's number too, yet the same with him. Now it has started to bother her in a negative way. "Where are they? How can they just leave the house leaving me uninformed!" she grumbled hitting her fists on the arm of the sofa whilst settling down.

And the irony was, they were situated in the isolated area of the city where one would hardly get a vehicle to travel. In fact, she could make out the impossibility just by the awayness of the watchman. He probably would have bought the bungalow in hurry just to settle in here with her in a day!

"Just be back once Raven Carter, I will show you! I am not the old Kiara who will entertain your frequent mistakes any more!" She hissed fixating her eyes on the closed door.


If there, Kiara was restlessly waiting for his arrival then here poor Raven was in another problem that cannot be described. "Girard why him?" Tears trickled down his cheeks as he leaned across his shoulders crying his heart out.

He was in the night dress only, so was Girard. Even his brother's eyes were red though there was no trace of tear in them. He have to be strong if not

Raven! " Dude be strong, he will be alright. He just needs some time." Patting his brother's back Girard sighed looking at the closed door of 'Ward 38'

The passages were all silent and empty. Only a few lights were onned on the floor while the two brother stuck together providing each other some comfort. "He can't be, in fact he will never be alright Girard. Just because of that whore my son is in danger! Just because of her!" He snarled fisting against his brother's arm.

If there has been anybody else, they would have surely gone mad on learning the reality. " Shut up Rave, you are his father, just stop speaking shit about him. You have found the cure to his disease. Okay!!! Your son will be alright soon." Glaring hard over Raven's face Girard grumbled like a maniac.

Girard's point of view...

I have told him a thousand times to not lose hope, Billy will be fine but no, he does not want to listen to it. He has accepted the worst. However, he does not know even the worst can be tackled if you have the right person beside you helping you out.

And that right person is Kiara, she can only help him get out of this mess. Only she can help Raven's son, Billy.

Yes, you heard me right. My brother Raven has a son, a two year old little dude who looks his carbon copy. Everything about him is pleasing but his disease, which he got because of his vulgar mother. Nah, not really. She never had anything but her unethical and unwanted habits, addiction got him at this point in life where he is surviving.

"Girard he is just a kid, a two year old kid. I can't stand to lose him. Please do something." I cannot stand his condition when he pleaded in front of me with joined hands. "They are not letting me near him. Please ask them, just once. Only once and then I will not bother them again." He added with an agonized cry.

There were two officers appointed for the safety of Billy. None of the two of his parents— Raven or his mother is permitted to meet him. In fact, they cannot even stand near him unless the hearing is passed in their case. Till then, Billy is made to live with our parents and his grandparents.

"I wish I could help you brother! But I am helpless too. I cannot do anything for you. You know you cannot see him. They will otherwise not let you near his ward too." I chipped setting his hairs.

Ironical, it is to say that though he has become a father, yet he is a child from within. I don't know what will he ever do without me. He is still the same old Raven who relies on me, his elder brother for every impossible things in his life, the brother who he thinks can do any fucking impossible even turn out to be possible!

"But I want to see him, he is my son. Can't they just see how much am I dying to see his face!" He cried bitterly like a child himself and I cannot do anything to solve his problem.

I decided to stay quiet and give him his own time to cry. In all this mess Raven has become a walking dead, he has forgotten to cry or show his emotions. Sometimes I feel bad for poor kiara that she has to experience his anger all the times. But who to blame, he has become like this because of some reasons.

Ohh that I could help me brother! Unfortunately, I cannot. The court has strictly said that unless the hearings is passed none of the two of Billy's parents can meet him except on the stipulated days. Raven can only meet him on Wednesday for an hour and the mother on Friday for an hour. And if by any chance they are found meeting him on any other day as otherwise mentioned day, they will be restricted from seeing Billy forever until the court's final hearing.

"Just a little more Rave, a little more. You know well we are about to win the case and get the authority to keep Billy with us. Just a little bit more!" I spoke silently near his ears thus calming his cries down for he knows, I am not giving him false hopes!


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