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   Chapter 11 Confession.

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6652

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Raven's point of view…

Her skin was as soft silk. The more I close I held her the more I craved to her skin. She has not changed even a bit. She had maintained herself like the old Kiara from college. Everybody hated me, all the guys. They wanted to own her as theirs but I got to mark her with my name.

I met her on the college gate for the first time. It was her first day, she was a transfer and the topper of her state who was given the opportunity to study in our esteemed institute. Her first gaze was magical. It was enough to bring someone like me on his knees.

She spelled me such that I ended up proposing her.

I ravished her skin as much as I can. She never permitted me to go beyond neck kisses, that was frustrating, but having her so close— was like a dream come true. Where in the college all the others were mentally raping her I could not stand it. She was my damn girlfriend, I had the rights to do everything to her but then also I could not do so. Just because she was very shy.

I still remember how much she made me wait for a lip kiss. I do not think she would have considered to give that to me unless I would not have had a fight in the college campus with my hostel room mates. They called her lesbian! Only I know how badly did I controlled myself from not separating their heads from their body.

Regardless now I realize why did everyone wanted to claim Kiara! She is as hot as the blazing sun with more than necessary sex appeal. I continued to go down and down in the south until I reached her cleavage. Having given it a glance as I opened my lips to attack her skin, "Raven! Raven" I heard her call me.

Nevertheless, I did not stop. I just could not keep myself in my limits. I have waited for years for this moment. "Raven where are you lost! You are scaring me, Raven!" I blinked my eyes and— what the!!!!

We were standing against the balconies door only. She was constantly trying to MAKE me speak while I was DREAMING WITH OPEN EYES!!!!

ressing her emotions. Maybe even now she was doing it to not show me!

"Say something! I know you are still hurt. And may be you want to leave me too just like how I did to you just you cannot show it." I smiled while she frowned. She hymphed with bubbled cheeks all set to shower me with her vexation.

Unless, she only pounded on me like a predator pinning me to the bed. I was amazed with this act 9f hers. She was never a fierce Kiara but a timid one who could not even fight back my brother for his bullying.

I wanted to laugh when she began to hit me with her tiny fists mumbling something that pounded from over my head! "Raven Carter I just want to kill you." What the, she was in tears again. Did I do something wrong.

Before I could say anything in my defence her hiccups were resonating in the room. "Ehh Kiara! Please don't cry, I swear I was just joking with you. I know you cannot even kill a mosquito then planning such a thing is far to be thought by you!" I exclaimed that came out more like pulling her leg.

Though she stopped crying but what she stated next really played with my heart severely! " No, I can kill a mosquito. I even killed two while you were gone in the afternoon." like seriously, I chuckled while she nodded in yes.

God, I thank you for gifting me this drama queen.


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