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   Chapter 10 A drizzling night!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7061

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The clouds were slightly drizzling, there was fog covering the area while the dew condensed on the transparent glass of Kiara's window was slipping down. The atmosphere was good. A perfect one to sit silently near the balcony with a hot cup of coffee and talk.

The lights were switched off, only the ceilings lights were turned on that made all the object, show pieces to gleam in its light. Raven was in the wash room changing his clothes. While Kiara stood across the balcony enjoying the beautiful scenery there many a thoughts struck her mind!

The month of October with winters approaching was best. The heater was on, how everything unlike a new couple's bed, their bed was not decorated with flowers! There were no fragrance candles too. Even he did not make her feel as though they would be having their first night tonight!

She let out a sigh leaning on the closed door of the balcony. Girard was gone. They had their dinner together for the first time, and to her luck he did not do anything to mess with her. In fact, it was fun to have dinner with him. She got to talk too much while the two guys listened to her silently from time to time passing chaste smiles sometimes at her or sometimes whilst looking at each other.

"Hmm you still like winters!" Kiara turned around hearing his voice. He grinned lightly joining her near the balcony watching the drizzling sky. It was indeed beautiful. She bit her lips, his hairs were wet, perhaps he took a shower again!

He had a khaki coloured tee put on with track pants. To her surprise, there was no phone in his hand and Kiara did not even wait for a moment to exclaim it, "I am surprised!" he marginally inclined his head upwards inquiring her. "Because you don't have your phone with you. It used to be your girlfriend, right!"

Although her exclamation was not made with the intention to taunt him still it hit him negatively. Raven blew some air awkwardly looking outside the window behind her. Once she realized this, she bit her tongue resuming back her watching. Her back slightly crushed with his chest, they were standing close silently.

Kiara regretted on her words. She was unsure what he might be feeling about it. Well, his phone was his addiction three years ago during their college times. It was now, three years later. And it was enough time to have so many things changed.

Indeed, many things changed, just that the two of them does not know about it. In truth, he wanted to tell her that his devotion towards his phone has reduced now rather he potentially cannot say that. "Many things have changed in these years Kiara. So, many of my habits too!" he announced.

They continued to look out. Neither can she reply nor can he take the conversation further. "Hmm may be that is why you decided to marry me!" Seemed as if indirectly she was chipping the fact that she was not reckoning to do so.

He kind of uncomfortably moved his shoulders. It was as if he was shoving away some burden from there. Raven moved a bit away until he made her look at him. Kiara firmly stilled her gaze at his expressionless face. "Kiara, I know it was an unplanned marriage but trust me I will keep you happy. I very well know you have many grudges in your heart, I will answer all your questions but for now all I need is you." There was nothing else she could wish to listen for!

After being betrayed, being left alone, being insulted for infinite times she cannot let herself drown in his melting voice. There were saline drops of happiness

making their appearance across her retina. Kiara let her weight rest on the transparent door while she stared him.

He has become more handsome. Or say, he has become a perfect man. The three years moulded him in a way that he now has all the desirable features carved within him that any women would want to own once. "I need you Kiara. You are right, I know you know I married you for a purpose and you doubt what can it be, but whatever it is Kiara— I have a feeling that you will understand it." She was petrified, not because he was talking seriously about something that was yet to be revealed but because now even his eyes teared up.

The tears hung on his lower lashes all set to slip down. His fair face was marginally becoming pink. She never saw him crying, this was for the first time. "Raven !"

"Shhhh! Please let me speak today. I need to confess so many things!" he hushed interrupting her whilst placing his finger on her lips.

Her lips quivered coming in contact with the rough skin of his finger. His skin was cold. Just as cold as ice. She wondered what was making him freeze in a warm room that was heating under high warming temperature of the heater. The drizzling was now converting into full rains.

The bolting thunders, the harsh winds and the passing slow time gave another meaning to this moment. Their breaths mingled together, his hands slowly slid southward stopping on her waist. She was sandwiched between him and the door with a romantic background.

Regardless, the current moment was no romantic. Agreed, there was heat, dim lights, empty house, her quivering lips, his raging breaths, their sandwiched bodies however no passion. Kiara brought her hands across his shoulders. She panicked whether she to caress his face or not, for that was one of the things he hated.

But when he himself tilted his head whilst making his cheek come in contact with her palm, she astonishingly fixated her eyes on his face. His lashes were patches together, he seemed to be enjoying every moment of this. "You hated it earlier!" She was forced to ask.

So many changes, so many shocks yet there was no reason to it. She felt like she was brought in an opposite world of the real one where everything was opposite. If in the real world her life sucked than in this world, it was as blooming as a new bud that has come to life. If that world he hated to be pampered by her, he left her by breaking up with her, than in this era, he came back giving a name to their relationship and allowed her to do everything she loved to.

"But I love it now." He smiled unlatching his lashes back. The tears trickled down only to fall on her lips. He stared the tear drop on her lower lip while she uncomfortably quivered in his arms.

She wanted him back in life, so was he back now however the added benefits twirled her heart. The ecstasy was supposedly rising between them. On predicting was he capable of doing next to her, she came up with an excuse to get freed. "Uhhh, we shall go to bed and sleep. You might get late for office otherwise!"

Nice excuse though whatsoever it did not work on him. Rather, he let out a chuckle leaning on her. "Raven !" Regardless there was no stopping to his deed, he simply brought her face nearer using his left arm, his fingers got lost within the forest of his thick smooth hairs. She fisted his t-shirt in her grip feeling him get closer and closer thus increasing her uneasiness, and he smacked his lips on hers making everything to turn blur.


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