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   Chapter 9 Innocent, She!

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 7281

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My throat went dry, the way his eyes narrowed and glared me, I was almost on the verge of passing out. He is handsome, six pack abs, challenging personality but the thing that makes everyone hate him is his nature. The bullying nature. Even today when the old friends or old classmates accidentally stumble by and see him, they sweat only by getting a glimpse of his face.

The time really had flown by but his old self still holds that dread that can kill anyone!

"I.. I" I fumbled.

He slightly bobbed his head allowing me to go further unfortunately, I did not know where to start from. His eyes were enough for me to start sweating!

Honestly I was never courageous enough to open my mouth in front of him. He threatened me like the monster of any horror movie with disgusting teeth, long nails and lips covered with sticky drool. Yuck!!!!

I could not take my stand ever just because of this imagination 9f mine towards his personality! He motioned me with a light nod to go on. And I could not for my voice was gone. I could not speak any way in front of him.

He waited for a minute or two until, "Fine, this is the first and last time I am letting you go. Don't you dare to be extra smart in front of me." He sighed freeing my hand. I held my heart thanking my stars.

However, I wonder how on earth did he become so understanding that he let me go without any punishment? In the college he would, not on any cost let any student go without having them answering his questions. Even if he was satisfied with their answers, he would end up giving them the life long threatening memories.

"You really have changed? I can't believe it."… I murmured.

He looked down at my face like a tall man looks down for a kid listening to her words. I backed away moving near my room's door again to me on safer side that if he does anything then I can at least run in and get myself locked until Raven comes.

Rather, he does something I could have never thought him doing so, "Come on we are playing UNO" I was dragged by my elbow unless we came to the hall that has the Uno cards already distributed for two people with two bottle of soft drink and KFC chicken bucke

t was playing inside of him.

"He is not dumb Kiara, you are too innocent that you can't understand the difference in his behaviour. You didn't defeat him Kiara, he purposely lose the game so that you can win!" Raven spoke to himself looking towards Girard who smiled with hands raised high up in surrender.

Raven caught him?

The two brother talked using only their eyes that poor Kiara could hardly understand anything. The two of them smiled, looked down then sometimes at Kiara then finally at her finger that has his ring on it. It was their proposal ring that Raven gave her years ago while proposing her.

She still, has it?

He was intrigued to see her affection towards him. In spite of experiencing the worst of heart break, unexpected betrayal and his cruelty she was still ready to love him madly. Indeed, Raven rejected one of the most precious gift of the life he was presented with, by God.

"It still hurts?" She inquired with a pout again hanging on his shoulder. This act of hers made Raven to pull her close and kiss her forehead affectionately.

"Nope, not like before." He replied hugging her close to his heart.

Agreed he took some of the most nonsensical decisions in life yet it was not too late to mend things right? Uhh, maybe that is why now Kiara was standing in his arms being hugged tightly because he understood her worth in his life.

Or maybe because of something else?— Uhh, only God knows.


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