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   Chapter 5 Flashes from the past.

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6874

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"Don't look at me like that Diaz… Ahh correction… I mean Carter!"… Girard aforementioned whilst settling in the front seat beside the driver. He faked a glare towards Kiara by sitting slightly crossed such that his back was resting against the door. He trailed his tongue round the circumference of his teeth staring Kiara continuously.

The situation was funny yet very interesting! There was fear, a slight attitude of being in power by becoming Mrs. Carter (his wife) as well as her confident was modified nevertheless, still there was panic and insecurity in her eyes. "Don't look at him."… Raven made her hide her face in his neck pulling her close. His one hand was around her shoulders pulling her in his safe protection while the other one covering her eyes such that she could avoid seeing his face. Yet, she peeped through the gap between his fingers at his brother's face that was craned in her direction.

That sly foxy smirk, narrowed eyes as that of a criminal, lips pursed together, Girard looked freaking deadly. Not because he was handsome, he was one of a heck handsome guy still, here— he seemed deadly because of his intensifying gaze that pierced through her.

It was always fun for Girard to play with her. She was his favourite pawn. Uhh, not a pawn precisely?— a favourite toy that provided him utility always as and when he wanted. It was as simple as anything he would bother her, scare her— She would end up crying just looking at his face, there was (most of the times) no need to of doing anything to her.

His one glare would be enough.

She was that predictive. Or say innocent! Yess innocent— that she got herself trapped in his billionaire brother's trap that he has been setting for her for months!

Never mind, he kept constantly eyeing her with glint of fun playing on his face with his smirk while there her newly wedded husband, was trying his best to ruin his moment of fun by covering her face. Raven hardly gazed his brother asking him not to bother her any more in turn, he only got to get mournful chuckles as the answer that clearly meant, 'Dude, fuck off!'

A minute later, they were all lost in their own thought process. Just within a night. Her life changed. Their relationship as well as their indifferences were given a name. A sacred pure name of marriage.

There were still many questions she wanted to ask him still did not do the needful, it is just the start.

They have got whole life to discuss on this topic!

She would not have thought this would happen. She was living her as usually boring life by working as an employee for a small-scale company of Texas, living in an apartment that demanded cheap rent with very low voltage bulbs hanging overhead in the kitchen and her small room, eating boring nearby small restaurant's food, wearing recycled clothes that she keeps on sewing every now and then, caring about nothing in life. It was a heck of boring life that anybody could have!

Although she never worried much about her clothes, the uniform was offered by her company, she would not attend any parties, so yeah… It was not a big deal. However, it was yet again like dream come true when she saw her ex boyfriend standing on her doorstep with his signature heart winning smile, after three years.

Not exactly the same old winning smile, it was different. Because he was standing her doorstep who he left behind three years ago after ditching h

er for another girl.

She was both happy and confused when he proposed her to marry her. Uhh, not in the usual way by sitting on his knee and presenting her a diamond ring but how ever it was, it took away her breaths. She has never expected him to stumble on her doorstep after their break up happened back three years ago…


It was their last year of college. They were going to get it completed, she was happy that she would finally be able to move out of that city Louisiana after a week. For the present, they were actually shopping for the farewell party. "Raven what are you wearing on the party eve!"… She asked, they were sitting in KFC.

On not getting answer promptly, she looked at him from her cold coffee at him who was smiling whilst looking in his phone. "What are you looking at! Show me?"… He quickly put his phone inside the pocket gaping here and there.

"Nothing!"… He replied confusing her.

"I know there is something. Show me no? Please."… She batted her lashes making puppy face. "Don't you love me? Raven… I want to see your phone."… She got up from her place whining like a kid and tried to grasp his phone from his jeans pocket. Raven held her wrist aggressively by standing up, he faced the people around, everyone was amusingly staring them.

Leaving her there, he came out to the parking, huffing in vexation. "Can't you just behave like a normal girl for once?"… As soon as she reached him, he shouted glaring her badly. "Why is it necessary for you to always act like a kid damnjQuery21403772016193891261_1571131743281?"… He kinda pulled his hairs feeling offended.

Her eyes softened, her lips curled up together feeling bad. Kiara played with her fingers looking down on her shoes, it was not her fault actually. She was always like this, little childish, little immature and all the way irking. This is how her father weaned her up. He never taught her to be egoistic, over smart, sassy like other girls.

"Why are you getting angry Raven, I just wanted to see whatever you were smiling at."… She pouted with soft eyes that was instantly avoided by him. It was all love in the beginning, for now— it just frustrated him.

Every guy wishes to have a girl with child like nature but when she depends lot more than necessary on him, it bores him. The same went with him. "Okay I am sorry."… She stepped ahead to hug him alas, he walked backwards folding his hands against his chest. "I said sorry no, now why are you getting angry?"… She grunted cutely that did nothing but fuelled up his frustration.

"It is a waste of time to talk to you Kiara. I don't think you'd ever want change!"… And, he wore his helmet, got on the bike and drove away from there leaving her all puzzled and blank.

On the farewell's eve…

She was waiting on the gate for her partner to come, clad in black simple court gown… She managed to catch everyone's eyes, however the guy, who she badly wished to seduce was nowhere. "What is taking you so long Raven?"… She stomped her foot pressing her upper lip inside her mouth huffing in grouchiness.

The party has started already, she could hear the music as well along with everyone's voice singing along the song, now she was only the one left to go inside. " I swear I will kill you tonight Mr. Carter. You dumb head cre-"… Earlier than her word could complete, her right shoulder felt a tug making her turn around.



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