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   Chapter 4 Her fear, Girard Carter.

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 6415

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She tried her best to get out of his hold. There was sweat running down her forehead speaking of her anxiety. Kiara banged her fist on his hard chest giving him hard time in controlling her. "Ehhh, Kiara. Calm down, he will not hurt you. He is changed now."… He spoke assuring near her ear rubbing her back.

There was no way to calm her nerves down. "I want to go, let me go Raven."… She sternly yet difficultly said between her heavy breaths. The dark pair of black eyes that was staring her keenly with a chaste smile intriguingly read her behaviour. She's not changed at all. Three years but still her behaviour, her nervousness, her fear… Everything was just the same that it was in the old times.

"I don't trust him, nor do you. Now let me go."… She glared him, just being on the verge of crying. The advocate who was supposed to get their contract papers signed and get Raven through with this procedure, sat curiously in his seat looking at the businessman trying to handle his going to be wife, alas it seemed the toughest job for him as for now.

He was though in his mid forties, with wrinkled round shaped face, bald thin man with black eyes. His lips were thick and of pale colour. The black suit seemed as though a dress hanging on a skeleton however one could clearly see the professionality his face entertained.

Raven's one arm was locked around her waist and the free one he utilized to keep her still and protect himself from her back to back punches. "Kiara!"… A loud growl with high tone shout stunned her, she froze in her posture with her growing pupils fixating on his face that was red. The time supposedly was stopped, there ran a wave of silence— awkward silence that made both Girard and the advocate to pass glances awkwardly.

"Enough of your childishness!"… He shouted near her lips that turned her mute and eventually her eyes traveled down on her fingers those were shaking in fear. In fact the saline tear drops she has tried to hold back came sliding down her cheek turning her beautiful face sallow.

Raven sighed looking with 'What should I do with you!' look at his brother, Girard… The reason behind this outburst of his and her unusual condition. In turn Girard shrugged his shoulder biting his tongue. He had been the biggest fear of her life, her bully who would bother her every fucking second in the college.

And the worst part was, he was none other than Raven's elder brother aka their senior in Don Bosco University. She had wished for the college to end soonest where the others were asking it not to, just because she was being badly bullied by him.

And intriguingly, it would happen in Raven's absence. And when she would tell him about the happenings, he would just shove it away with a bored look for it was nothing new to listen. Half of his college life or say dating life went in listening to her complaints where she would badmouth about his elder brother, ask him to thrash him, take stupid promises to not let themselves stay in the house as same as of his after they get married.

And today, seemed the worse day she has once thought back in her college times about her and his future regarding their marriage life was coming t

rue. "I didn't do anything. You know she's got a bad habit of accusing me." Girard unwrapped the chewing gum that he took off from his jeans pocket and stuffed it inside of his mouth by suspending it high in air and quickly taking it between his lips before it could fall down. " What else can I expect you to say. "… Raven said silently that still reached his brother who laughed at his words whilst chewing his gum.

Girard Carter, seven years elder to Raven, charming, handsome with heck of sex appeal is a playboy yet having infinite affairs with infinite women all at the same time. His eyes were the scariest green that he inherited from their father. Girard made bubble off his chewing gum enjoying that.

It made him feel as though they were in the college premises where she was hiding herself in her boyfriend's arms with moist eyes and puffy Pikachu kinda cheeks turning red like a kid while he was standing in front of her bully to inquire why did he do that to her? To which he would chip his same old statement, "I didn't do anything. You know she's got a bad habit of accusing me." And like everytime he would end up shouting on her for either his brother would clearly fool him or she would speak something out of anger that would make Girard come near her to show her the new side of the hell. And as always to handle the situation, Raven would scream on her.

However, the situation here was different. This time indeed he was innocent, and she was indirectly accusing him by crying hysterically like how she would cry after meeting up with her painful pranks and bullies. But here, just the difference was she was weeping because of the bitter memories and not him who was enjoying seeing her like that. His favourite prey.

Okay, Raven gave his brother a conquered look. He closed his eyes before picking her up in his arms and taking her to the left corridor that has few chairs kept there in a line. She was still crying with her closed eyes. He made her sit on the chair and sat in front of her on his knees intently looking at her face that appeared to be cute. "Kiara."… He rubbed away the tears biting her lower lip feeling not good. It's like three years after that breakup he met her the last day, she was now left as his last hope. He couldn't just let her cry when he knows she was important. "He's changed. We are no more in the college, he won't hurt you."… He tried to make her understand.

"He will and I know like the early times, you won't say anything to him. No matter what he does to me."… She suddenly spoke making him feel relieved and bad at the same time. Okay, he so knew it. She was only scared of his brother who scares her like a creepy ghost with no legs floating in the air and sharp pointed teeth and handless creature that you see in a movie.

Otherwise, she is as brave as a knight in front of him. "You are diplomatic Raven. You always were, I think I should reconsider my decision of marr—"… Her eyes shot open in shock, heart fluttering with amazing feeling, fingers curling around the fabric of his collar while breasts pressing against his hard torso as he smacked his lips on her supple ones before she could complete that statement.

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