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   Chapter 3 Meeting, Raven Carter.

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He glared her with murderous looks as she came out of the car. "Sorry, I.. Just ended up sleeping more."… She gave an apologetic look with a small smile, her hands carried her simple blue gown. She was looking extremely beautiful, her black hairs were open and curled from the tips, brown big eyes with big lashes from time to time looking at his face while her thin yet plump lips curling and twisting in fear, the off shoulder gown fitted her in perfect place while the medium sized heels made her look taller that she came up till the height of his lips. He did not utter a word watching her walk silently towards him with a lowered head, this is not new for him. He has three years experience with her late coming habit. And every time after coming late, she would give him her cute smile that would melt his heart.

However today, even though the blood was rushing in his veins with speed, he did not say a word to her. She was three hours late, they were supposed to sign the marriage (contract) papers in the early morning and shift in his bungalow with him. The luggage of hers and other belonging was agreed to be shifted in the afternoon. Raven Carter, he first of all never knew he will come up with the idea of marrying her who he broke up with two years ago and move in with her. The way she pressed her lips very well knowing how he was trying to suppress his aggression unlike the time when they were together she played with her bracelet.

She felt heck uncomfortable sensing his intense gaze focusing her face with dark pupils that had always shuddered her. "We will definitely have a conversation about this late coming habit of yours. Now lets go in."… She stupefyingly upped her eyes, did she hear him correctly! Did he just let her go that easily? Why didn't he leave her behind and go like previous times?

Yeah that's what he would do every time she was late!

Kiara silently followed him with small steps. Even the way he marched ahead of her, she could tell that his anger was on the highest level. It was just that he was not letting it out because they were no more like past. He was changed. She was changed. They were changed. And obviously, the time has changed.

Any ways, after taking the elevator and staying inside with him for a little while Kiara with him came out of it, she was zoned out that she didn't even realize which floor they were on. She absent mindedly followed him wherever he walked, "We are on the twenty nineth floor, going towards the advocates cabin who has our contract papers. It's because of you that I'm late again."… She did not utter a word an

d continued to follow him.

After taking a left turn they came to a four ways path, where they took three left turns again then a right, then left, then walked ahead for more than a minute. Kiara was grateful that he was there, if not then she would have ended up getting lost. The puzzling turns and left right interval turns, her head has already begun to go round and round. "We are here."… Her eyes lit up listening to that. Finally, they halted at a closed door with a brown coloured nameplate hanging on it, she felt like puking on it. The person who was other side, she was damn sure has no taste at all. "I expect you to behave well in front of the advocate and the witnesses please. Don't just show who you are to them, I don't want to look like a fool because of you."… Her peepers automatically gazed down on the wooden floor shining brown under the lights feeling insulted. He was rude and obviously, his way of expressing himself with that 'Uhh you are more like an embarrassment to me' look, he threw a gaze that was not at all understandable.

Then also she nodded her head lightly and firmly in positive to receive a nod from him. "Okay, present yourself as my wife. I have told them already you are my ex-girlfriend. Please act wisely, don't act like your usual self— in a childish way or like a stupid teenage. So, shall we go in."… Once again he indirectly insulted her, the tears halted on the edge of her lashes threatening to slip down on her cheeks, but she controlled them anyway.

She's always been sensitive, his words always affected her. Yeah! It was for her own good but still meeting him after years and then hearing him speak such things she felt very bad. And unfortunately, he sensed that. She was that open book which he has read thousands of times and knew how to bring her back to life. Sighing tiringly, he pulled her close by sliding his hand down her waist. She quickly looked over at his face and in his eyes. "I— I am sorry. I shouldn't have said that. But you know, this irritates me. I am sorry."… She closed her eyes feeling him close to her lips.

He snuggled near her left ear giving her thrills. "Come on let's now go in."… He put behind her ear the hair strands those were trying to cover her face. Once he was done with it, as he moved further for the knob and twisted, he gave her an assuring smile. And no sooner did the door wide open than Kiara took few steps back not believing over her eyes at all at what they just saw while Raven, he attempted to pull her close examining her condition.

Shit, he knew she will freak out, yet not like this!!!

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