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   Chapter 2 Meet kiara.

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 3661

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There was the pen held in between her index finger and thumb, she laid on her tummy and legs bent from the knees and raised up in the air, hairs still in a bun and the jacket she wore earlier was removed and now rested on the couch nearby, her eyes incredulously, with a jumping heart stared at the papers. She smiled sheepishly like an idiot reading the first few lines again and again that read, 'Kiara Diaz an independent woman, living in so and so place agrees to marry Raven Carter for the span of one year.

If needed the period of contract shall be renewed further after the date expires and if it requires.'

She rolled over on her back and raised the papers up in the air and smiled yet again reminiscing the moments when she met him in life. The encounters were small but special, hurting but hot, lively but painful. She closed her eyes pulling the papers close to her chest and breathed deeply and listened to the rhythm of her breath.

They were slow and calm, 'I love your heartbeats, they soothe my heart.' That was the very first of the compliments she received from him. It was his voice, his every move and obviously that beautiful smile on his supple pinkish lips that made her go crazy.

Kiara Diaz who never paid attention towards any guy's proposal earlier said him YES instantly. She was innocent and appealing, may be that was why every guy wanted herjQuery2140001270208317524224_1570865718866? But what she wanted He didn't understand.

"Shit Kiara what are you thinking. Sign the papers and go to sleep. You have a big day tomorrow. The biggest day! "… She said to herself sternly and laid down on her pillow properly whilst turning the lights off yet, there was on one name that kept on playing in her mind, Raven.

The harsh wind coming from the AC hit her delicate frame shaking her from h

er sleep. Kiara got up sluggishly, her hands shivered while reaching for the remote of the gadget and turned it off. The next thing she did is, sneak into the blanket by keeping her legs in the place of pillow and head in the place of keeping her legs. Her eyes were too tired that she didn't even know when she fell back asleep!

Not even fifteen minutes would have passed that her phone rang. She cried in annoyance and slapped the mattress, "Shut the fuck up mother fucker!!!! Let me sleep."… She whimpered balling her fists. Her eyes shut even tighter when the ringing increased aching her ears.

Kiara got up from the mattress on her knees with the sheet hanging across her shoulders and raised the phone that was under the pillow after pulling it out, she was just going to throw it down on the floor until, "Raven Calling" caught her eye sight.

Her eyes quickly moved into the direction of the clock, "Shitt!!!! 10.00 am."… She covered her mouth making crying faces. "I'm late! I was supposed to be there by 7.30."… Her grip around the phone loosened and it fell on the bed and… The rings turned off.

Why on earth does this happen whenever he calls!

Why she has to sleep till soo late when it's the important day in his life?

Why annoying him like the earlier times?

She quickly hopped down the bed, picking up the clothes she has removed the other night for the morning and rushed inside of the bathroom. She onned the tap and at the same time took her night wear off letting the warm water wet her perfect body.

She has kept everything ready beforehand, like removing the most decent dress, His favourite perfume, the favourite bracelet he gifted her and what not one night before so that she could reach the spot on time. It was her MARRIAGE with her EX-BOYFRIEND. But like always, she was late.

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