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   Chapter 1 Prologue...

Billionaire's fake wife with benefits. By Chantinglove138 Characters: 2823

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Amsterdam, Late night, Getting down of his Audi R8, he straightened his casual wears. His eyes intriguingly looking at the tower in his front, he adjusted his glares. After pocketing his iPhone he moved inside of the tower slowly.

The night was slow and silent. Yet the moon in the sky shone bright. One could clearly see the spots it has amidst the dancing black clouds. He pressed the button of '9th floor' and stood silently against the mirror behind him looking at the small screen above the elevator doors that screened the number of floors he crossed by.

The doors unlatched with a ding, he bit his lower lip exiting the same. His emotionless peepers gazed the door of the flat located in the corner, 'Flat no. 903' with a sigh. After a moment of blank thinking, he finally pressed the bell button. Almost after five minutes, he sensed the lock from within getting unlocked and there, she stepped out.

"Uhh, you! You here at this time, anything serious."... She pulled her loose hairs in a bun with a sleepy yawn while at the same time pulling close the loose jacket she wore close to her chest. She couldn't stand his dark eyes checking her petite body when she was only wearing a loose knee length night dress with no brasserie.

"Umm yeah, I... I mean no. It is not serious."... He diverted his pupils from her body, he can't let his mind to lose his patience now or else, they'd end up in he

r bed for good time!!! Never mind, he could not find words to speak the reason why was he standing at her door step at this hour of night. So, simply removing some papers from his jacket he forwarded them to her.

Her eyes grew wider looking at the paper type, and she shockingly blurted out, "We didn't plan on getting married for real. It was supposed to be a fake marriage, wasn't itjQuery21409174155836318616_1570888706587?"

It made him sigh whilst rolling his eyes lazily, he unfolded the papers and showed her the title that read, 'Marriage contract' "Yes we don't marry for real. This is just a simple contract between you and I agreeing on the terms that we stay together in my house during the time of the contract and of course, stay like a married couple."... She nodded her head in understanding yet a part of her heart skipped when he called THEM a married couple.

They stood silently while she went through the clauses of the contract, " So I'll take you leave. Just give me a call after you done signing them."... He sucked in a breath with a tired smile, she nodded in yes with a blink of her eyes and the very next moment, he was walking back to the elevator.

Once he was inside and the doors were just going to get closed her heart melted looking at his features, "He's going to break you!"

... Her heart warned.

She replied back....

"But I'm going to love him anyway."

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