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   Chapter 36 Jinn me 2

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Father Nicholas

Finding a dead body in the middle of nowhere would a hurdle on normal days but with the fire that burned inside, This was no normal night. The hurricane lamp flickered as the strength of the wind intensified threatening to leave me in darkness if I didn't put an end to this insanity.

The gods didn't even put an effort, not with their grandmaster by my side. The smell of fresh dirt hit home. I dropped the lamp to inspect the disheveled earth.

This had to be the spot.

Using every fiber of my being, I hit the earth with the shovel, continuing to upheave the wet dirt until I finally struck flesh.

"That has to hurt."

With caution, I used the shovel's tip to carve a sigil to the earth. The symbol glowed, giving a dull purple glow. It meant her spirit was still bound to the mundane realm. That done, I cut my palm to draw blood and spilled droplets of the crimson red liquid on the crooked body.

"Blood of my blood, Vengeful spirit, I summon thee..." I paused and waited for the usual impiccio. Necromancy was unnatural so nature was sure to put up a fight.

Strange! No lack of air or strange weather. Maybe nature wanted this.

"...Hear my beckoning and step into the light."

This time nature fought back. The greens surrounding me turned black. Nature was snuffing life out of its creation. Being a creature of the divine mother herself, I dropped to the floor literally feeling the life in need gradually draining. It became a huge task to breathe and it worsened. Nature wasn't going to let the abominable repeat itself. Just when I thought it was over for me, Nature gave up the fight.

"Father." A whisper called out to me.

The earth trembled as she hovered over me.

"Did you do it?" I queried, remaining on the ground trying to gather my strength.


"Good. Happy birthday Valentine."



The guards joined with some female servant escorted the still unconscious Maisy to her room. I headed to the study room to get my thoughts together.

Your brother is not a murderer. You literally grew up with him. Why then would you do this to him?

"My Lord, My lady is awake." A maid informed.

"Thanks. You may leave."

She bowed and excused herself.

I was really in no mood to see anyone but I still needed answers. I got my sorry ass together and headed to Maisy's chambers. In my distress, I forgot to knock which was unusual for me.

"Maisy, we need to talk."

"About what?"

. I looked into the distance and cloaked into the darkness was a pair of blazing orange irises and crimson-stained canines.

I immediately regretted my decision. The girls trembled at the sight and almost immediately, Emilia jolted out.


The chimera got it's sight on her and immediately went for the prey. I tried to shift but it just wasn't working so I did the most stupid thing that popped into my head at that moment. I joined the chase.

My eyes burnt with liquid as I tried to catch up with every strength I could sum up. It was useless. I watched the beast get closer to Emilia with each leap and Emilia an inch closer to meeting her maker.

Useless! She'll die just like the rest of them. You couldn't save the one you loved. Why would she be an exemption?, The voices rang into my head and they were right. Emilia's screams for help as she clenched to life hung in the air and I could do nothing but watch. When her screams subsided, The creature snapped her neck off. I watched the detached member roll then it occurred to me that I was next.

I didn't budge. It wasn't the fear. I wanted this, I wanted death. I saw my life flash before my eyes as the chimera crept towards me.

This was it. I deserved death. For Valentine's death, For Emilia's death. I closed my eyes and waited to meet the feared grim reaper.

I heard scratching but felt no pain. The strangeness of the situation made me open my eyes. The creature wasn't harming me. Instead, It was inscribing something on the floor. I hesitantly looked to see what this mindless creature could be doing. Tears escaped as I read the words, "I, Valentine."

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