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   Chapter 35 Jinn me 1

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It had to be a lie. Maybe just a hallucination. There was no way, No f*cking way Anthony was a killer. It was just unbelievable. Still, my mind couldn't get Maisy's words out of my mind. Anthony was the family's white sheep. The sacrificial lamb who would do anything to please his blood.

I was greeted at the garden by Father Nicholas and The Quinns.

"What happened to her?" Father Nicholas demanded, placing his palm on Maisy's forehead in a concerned manner.

"I need to get her back to the castle before anyone starts asking questions." I chimed in, aiding for the carriage.

Father Nicholas, Still not satisfied with my report on Maisy's condition followed me.

"Did she by any chance use the whisper?" He inquired, His brown eyes investigating my secrets.

"She didn't, " I claimed.

My steps got quicker. The priest was not one to give up easily once he set his mind to something. The guards sighted me and opened the carriage doors in diligence. I dropped Maisy in and instructed the rider to wheel us home.

"You aren't going anywhere, Eric!" Father Nicholas bellowed, forcing the rider to stop.

The poor boy glanced at the priest then back at me wondering who to obey. One thing I was sure of was he was leaving the castle walls tonight.

"She uses the whisper, didn't she? You know how dangerous this is to her life. Her sister would have wanted you to protect her!" The old man ranted.

"Not anymore. The chimera is dead."

"What do you mean?"

"Conrad and I killed it so you don't have to worry about Maisy or her safety anymore. I'm pretty sure I can handle it."

"And how exactly did that happen? How did she even leave here without your knowledge?"

"I don't know." I retorted. A big lie on my path. Tatia was fond of finding herself in strange places even when she didn't mean too. It was nothing new, Neither was it strange.

"This is why She should leave. It's what's best for her."

Believe it or not, I would really enjoy exchanging words with this Nazi but I had other pressing matters to attend to. So I swallowed my

lves killed it."

"I'm glad they are able to keep the balance. Maybe the order didn't make the wrong choice but what baffles me is the chimera. You do know where they come from don't you?"

"Necromancy, " I answered.

"So who would do that?"

"I'm not..."

Before I could complete my words, Father Nicholas cut in, "What a wonderful surprise. Osei, It's good to see you here. What's with the August visit?"

"Can't an old woman just have fun? To be honest, I just missed the old times. Hunting down monsters... Good times."

"Times change now don't they? We used to hunt them. Now we work with them. I would have never thought this day would come."

"True. How is Valentine? Where is she? She must be all grown up now."

Osei's words made me choke. Ahe hadn't even spent a day in the kingdom and she had already opened all our skeletons. How could I blame her though? She had no idea what happened to valentine.

Osei noticed how cold and silent Nicholas became.

"Are you alright? Did anything happen to her?"

"She's dead." Nicholas shot back bluntly.

That had to hit a nerve. One would think that was enough to keep Osei's mouth in her pockets but No! She just had to talk.

"Bless her. What happened?"

Osei! How can you be so insensitive!

"I couldn't save her." Nicholas burst into tears, "My child was raped and left for dead. She was all I had."

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