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   Chapter 34 Aid from beyond 2

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Things don't make sense when you are face to face with the dead. Two of them. Of all the secrets revealed today, The realization that I was one of them hit harder than any pain I could ever feel. I was a monster. It didn't look real and I definitely didn't want it to feel real but here it was, I could see ghosts.

"What do they want in return Maisy?" Eric's trembling voice echoed.

I turned in his direction then back at the spirits before me. The words lingered in my throat a little longer than they should have but I managed to say them.

"What do you want?"

The older looking plump one had Kohl black hair that plunged down her shoulders. Each tendril moving like they were submerged in water spoke.

"If you promise to stay, I'll help him."

What! I wasn't expecting this from a spirit still trapped in the mortal realm. This was my first but frankly, I expected impossible favors even if in truth, This was an impossible favor. This spirit wanted to stay in Nodith. I felt like she could read my mind. I didn't want to stay here. It was so messed up here, so unsettling and nowhere comparable to home. It prompted me to ask why she would want such a simple yet impossible wish.

"What do you stand to gain if I do that?"

"A lot actually." She answered, "you see, I promised Tatia this and If this doesn't happen. I might never ascend. I want to meet my family... please."

Tatia did this? To make me stay?

"What did they say? " Eric quizzed his attention on Conrad who was bleeding out.

It was selfish of me to do this when someone's life was at risk but I was willing to take the second offer.

"What's your offer?" I asked the next spirit. The Amazonian figure set her Eden green eyes on me as if studying me and I did the same. She was beautiful. With seraph's ears and a pixie's nose, anyone would kill for. I wondered what killed her. Probably this godforsaken kingdom. She blinked and her lips parted into a smile and not the sweet kind, I could feel something sinister coming.

"I once lived a simple life. It was all I wanted but someone took that away from me. I never even got to confess my love for the boy I loved. He stripped me from my family and killed me, I was raped to death. All I want is for him to share my fate."

She, on the other hand, wanted something that could actually be done. A bad person w

ere concerned about me dying. Why bother?"

He just wouldn't just up!

"Because we've had a lot of deaths in our family. No one in our line has ever died old and happy and I want that to change. We can't be that cursed."

"That's a terrible lie brother. You care. You're just afraid to show it."

"Believe what you want to believe Conrad but I'll never recognize you as family."

"Taken. Bye, brother."

"Bye Conrad."

Conrad took a different route so It was obvious he wasn't returning to the party. Without his annoying voice to taunt me, I had some alone time.

I looked at Maisy, My Belle. I could already sense she would leave Nodith as soon as she regained consciousness. Sadly, I got my wish. Maisy roused, babbling rubbish to herself.

An aftereffect of spirit magic.

On the bright side, Her state would leave her totally honest and I for one couldn't wait to take advantage of it.

"Maisy, Do you hate me?" I asked, Praying she would surprise me.

"I don't think I can. I wish I could."

That had to be the best thing I've heard all day. This was something I was sure Maisy would deny any day.

"Do you see me as a monster?"

"I... don't know."

"Will you leave?"

"I can't. In return for Conrad's healing, I have to stay." She responded.

That was weird. I remembered her saying the spirit wanted revenge.

"But you said, She wanted death on her killer."

"I couldn't choose that. I couldn't hurt you."

"What do you mean?" I quizzed, dead in my tracks.

"Anthony..." She drawled.


"Anthony's the killer."

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