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   Chapter 30 Pain pearls

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"Mr Quinn has really outdone himself this time." Emilia said to Sara as they admired the decor of the hall.

I set my eyes on the swinging chandeliers in an effort to ignore the stares of the servants. Judging by the bulging eyes which obviously indicated shock, I was certain they were the household helpers who were surprised to see a living replica to the late heiress. It could be that... Or the fancy dress I was made to wear. Still, I wasn't comfortable with it.

The royals abandoned me before I could even notice and I watched them join a group of elite women. It was a basic instinct to hoin them but considering how vain our conversation was going to be, I knew I had to pass.

I drifted my attention to watching other people be happy or pretend to be. Even my father seemed to be having a conversation with this certain boy.

Look who doesn't have a social life.

Considering I grew up in a conservative environment, It wasn't that far to guess why I was so antisocial.

...or jumped at a marriage in a week.

"Hey..." Conrad jumped right at me, Interrupting my mental report.


"How you faring? Heard you're getting divorced soon."

"Who told you that?"

"Word spreads fast. You should know by now that the walls have ears."

"Yes. This place is definitely disturbing."

So disturbing that everyone was going to watch the Regent-Soon to be Prince marry for the third time.

I gave a quick glance at Lucy. My cousin who was next in line where we had failed. She was trolleying my grandfather right my way. I wondered if She would be okay with it.

"If you're thinking it's not okay for Eric to remarry, I'll tell you this. Our father married five times before settling down with the late Queen and I'm not adding his mistresses. So...It's tradition." Conrad filled me in before taking his leave right before my grandfather walked in on us.

"How you doing tonight darling?" My grandfather says, giving a glare to Conrad at the same time.


"Considering all the things going on in your life, You're definitely putting a brave front. Reminds me of Tatia."

This made my toes curl. Yep, I was tired of being compared to Tatia. Everyone here wasn't ready to let go of her memories. Father was right. After the divorce, I had to leave Nodith.

"When you're in the wrong place. It doesn't hurt that m

il a time comes when that seating despair would die. So maybe Lucy was right. It was okay to cry. It was a thing of pride.

So I let it out, All of it.



The secrets Grandfather told me was enough for me to make me a loving dead. Frankly, I wasn't in control of my legs as they strode to where they pleased.

"The women in our family have been blessed by the gods to see the dead. Have you been seeing Tatia lately?"

His words resonated deep inside me.

Small pieces of the past came together. How I had these tremors being close to the sick. Those ones who never made it. I always knew.

The painful part was Mother. I knew she wasn't going to make it. If I knew, It meant she knew too. She knew she was going to die but kept it from me. How could one live so happy knowing your time in this world was over?

That mere thought brought tears to my eyes.

"Are you okay?" A voice asked.

That voice pulled me back to reality. I faced the speaker which turned out to be Conrad.

"I don't know." I disclosed.

He walked up to me and said, "Are you crying?"


"Do you maybe want a shoulder to cry on?"

"I... would like that. I would like that very much."

Tears they say, makes you weak, vulnerable but sometimes you have to be the vulnerable to heal.

Our bodies touched and I instantly felt the pain wash away. Humans were communal creatures, Unable to do without interaction. I learnt that today. Sometimes, The best interaction was silence. That and crying on someone's shoulder, One that gave off the vanilla scent.

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