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   Chapter 26 The trouble with favors 1

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Where did she get Tatia's journal from?

Anthony shared the same surprised look as me. He was the one to hide everything that reminded me of her.

"Where did you get that?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter now." She retorted, holding unto the book like I could snatch it at any moment.

"Do you believe what was written there?"

"Why won't I? These are words from her heart."

" When I met Tatia, I despised her but trust me we grew into love."

She didn't reply. She just looked at me in disgust.

"I know your love Eric but let me tell you this. I won't be giving you my inheritance if I even have one."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"I rejected my grandfather's pity gift. He also deserves to suffer. Men like you think you can always have your way..."

"Sometimes I do Maisy but trust me if I don't get that inheritance, Bad things are going to happen."

"I don't care. Overtax your people but just stay away from me."

She turned to leave but I held her back.

"Would you really do this to me?"

"If you think I care one bit about you, You've got something else coming." She retorted.

The hate in her eyes, they were real. I didn't want this. It felt like fate was pushing us apart despite how much I believed we were destined to be.

Anthony sensed our conversation was deviating to something heated and excused himself along with the guard.

The door was shut on the way out.

"I should go, " Maisy said as she fought to free herself from my grip.

"No!" I snapped back like a hungry wolf and led her to a chair. I forced her to sit then continued trying to convince her to change her mind about her decision to reject her inheritance. To be fair, A greater part of our conversation was about what she really thought of me.

"I know you're angry and broken Maisy and it's all my fault."

"Wow! You must replay take pride in that. For your information, I'm not hurt. I've lost hope in you."

I was completely lost. My mother had said those words to father numerous times. His affairs broke mom beyond repair. I was beyond shocked hearing those same words from Maisy.

"I'm not my father!" I blurted out, digging my fingers into Maisy's shoulders until I was sure they bled.

"Let me go!" She screamed on top of her lungs. She kicked me off her and sprinted for the

etting his hands firmly on the still burning injury that was inflicted on me earlier. A sharp pain shot through me and I was sure the next thing that would happen was he would receive a resounding slap but when I turned, No one was there.

In fact, everything was different. The beautiful green grass was left bare in a caked earth. My eyes continued searching the earth, I felt like it was going to lead me to something. I traced blood and it sent my heart racing. Was this real? My eyes continued following the blood until It all went black.

I blinked, holding my pulsing head.

"What happened?" I asked no one in particular.

"You lost your balance. Are you okay?"

Conrad was worried. Did I pass out? I examined where I was. There was grass again. That meant it was just a dream.

"Yes. I think so. How long was I out?"

"Minutes." He replied.

I got to my feet and wiped the tears forming in my eyes. When they cleared, I got a good look at Conrad.

"What the hell!" I gaped and pushed him off me.

My eyes couldn't stray from the horror on his right shoulder.

It squawked at me. I exchanged looks with Conrad. He was confused. I sensed that he was oblivious to the giant black bird on his shoulder.

"Do you see it?" I asked.

"What?" He answered, peering over his shoulder.

He couldn't see it. Then why could I see a Raven on him?

I wasn't a fan of birds and especially not birds that stood for nothing good. It turned from bad to worse when that mysterious whisper spilled into my ear, "There is still time."

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