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   Chapter 24 Legacy

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Father Nicholas

She pulled away. I could feel the devil just from her stare.

She had a gift just like her sister. This spelled doom for the Kingdom.

"Are you ok?"

She did answer but her looks told a different story. I briefly glanced at Eric. I noticed he wasn't comfortable with me talking to her.

"It's nice meeting you Your Majesty, " I said.

"Please don't call me that." She retorted.

How could I blame her? She was being used and what was the use of a title that wouldn't stay on her.

"I understand how sad you are your Ma... Maisy but if I could change Eric I would."

"I don't need help from anyone to fight my battles." She stated and walked out on us.


Now alone with the boys, I could really speak my mind.

"We need to talk Eric."

"Sure. Let's head to the study."

Eric led the way and Anthony tagged along but I stopped him.

"Sorry Anthony but just him."

He nodded despite looking hurt, A dogged fighter.

"Why are we here?" Eric demanded when we got to the study.

I took a seat on one of the armchairs, examining the splendor of the room as I spoke.

"It's about Maisy. She isn't human is she?"

His silence confirmed my suspicion.

"Eric, You know what happened to Tatia and your father right?"

"I do." He muttered solemnly, knowing very well what I was getting at.

"Your father died trying to save Tatia but that didn't save her. I'm concerned about you."

Eric diverted his attention to the bookshelf, picking the book of hunts and placing it on the white oak table before me.

"You don't need to. I can protect myself."

I scrolled through the opened book. He was reading on Chimeras. The same monster that ended King Richard and Tatia alike.

"You think your readings can help you defeat the famed beast that remained undefeated for years."

"I know." He cut in, "But I also read from the Royal scrolls that it was bound before. If it was done, We can do it again."

"Enough!" I slammed my fist into the table, sending the book mid-air.

I stopped seeing how uncomfortable it was to lose my temper.

"I'm sorry but tell me, Eric, Why do want her to stay?"


aisy wanted. It just hurt that it had to be coming from me.

"I understand Mr Quinn..."

"Don't call me that." He pleaded, "I understand it doesn't sit well with you but if you're okay with it. I'd like it very much if you call me father."

My face wrinkled just hearing him spew those powerful words like they were just a title. That title meant a lot and I would abuse that word. I didn't disagree, I just kept mute when he said when needed to be said.

"I just wanted to say. As much as I admire your will to try and make amends. You have to understand that Maisy believes she can't handle that much— privilege."

It was a tongue twister but I think I nailed it. That way, he wouldn't think Maisy wanted nothing to do with him.

"Oh! I thought so. The estate is quite huge to be managed alone so I thought I'd split it between Maisy and her cousin."

"I'm sorry, What!" I blurted.

Like on cue, Lucy returned with bread in hee hands this time and that fake smile plastered to her face. I had a feeling she had a hand on this, I wasn't against her but she was just an Indentured daughter. Her freedom was more than any gift in this world.

She looked and acted a lot like her conniving father, Katherine's adopted brother. The schemer that once wanted the Quinn estate for himself. It wasn't like me to judge people based on how their parents were but I was in Nodith and here the apples don't fall far from the tree.

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