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   Chapter 23 Saints and evil

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"Do you..."

A haunting presence at the doorway stopped me. I turned there to see an apprehensive guard.

"What do you want?"

" Father Nicholas is here."

Anthony turned blue and If I had a mirror, I'd be the same.

I sent the guard on his way and said to Anthony, "Why is he here? The coronation isn't until a week after."

"I have no idea. Let's find out."

We trotted on. Father Nicholas's face lit up seeing us appear.

"Well, Well, Well. It's a wonderful surprise to see you, chums, all grown up."

Goodness, How conceited could this man be. He visited two months ago.

It was like he had ties with the castle.

"It's wonderful to have you here father Nicholas. Why are you here?"

Anthony dealt me a jab that sent me reeling. I grimaced back.

"I get the feeling you don't want me to be here." Father Nicholas implied, inspecting the castle like he was searching for something or someone.

"Of course not. I was just curious. My coronation is three weeks away and you're here." I said, lacking the empathy needed.

"I'm here to check the affairs of the castle. How are you faring?"

"Good. How'd the church Father?"

"The congregation has never bloomed. You'd know if you came. Even beings like yourself need the Lord's protection."

I hated when he said that. He and my father were close but he was nothing but a family friend. Someone who kept out secret.

"We would father... but we have a lot on our plates right now, " Anthony said to the man, being the cultured and prim one as always.

The priest cut him off, running his fingers on the peeling walls.

"I see. The kingdom is in ruins."

He enjoyed doing this. For a worker of the path of light, He was loose-lipped. It was a wonder how our secrets were still locked in there.

"Where is the girl?" He inquired, breaking the silence.

"She won't be coming. She's emotionally unstable right now." Anthony was kind enough to answer.

I remained there physically but not mentally. Maisy was hurt and alone... All because of me.

He continued to play around.

I closed my eyes and took a swift deep breath, my lips and brain working interchangeably to concoct the most wicked venom but an unknown voice stopped me. The voice said my name and for a second I thought it was the voice in my head but I opened my eyes.

It was a man. He was clean-shaven and had scythe-shaped eyebrows. His nose and half-dome cheekbones sat above an oaken jaw. His shoulders were part of his burly physique that didn't fit into the tight cloth. I could have sworn he forced it on, I never knew Priests to keep attention to how they looked cause this one did. He approached me with a tiger-like tread and his nomad-blue eyes twinkled, They were Saturn round.

"Hello Your Majesty, it's a pleasure to meet you." He bowed and I felt he deserved the honors of placing those lips on my hands.

I stretched forth my hands and he placed his lips on them. I instantly felt a jolt run than my spine. It was something that made me jerk.

The voices in my head became active letting out a roster that messed with my head.

This wasn't a warning. It felt a lot like pain and the strange thing was I could feel their pain.

I immediately pulled away from his touch.

"Are you okay?" He asked.

"Y—es." I stammered.

I didn't know what I felt at that time but this man was beginning to give me bad vibes.

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