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   Chapter 21 Calm storm

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"Reece has a point you know. Stories about a monster attacking travelers have spread far and wide in Nodith."

I ignored Anthony's pestering. My brother wouldn't even take my side. I needed a plan B.

"We can fasten the coronation so I get the money before I get our divorce."

My eyes searched the trees that now held untold dangers to me, Even Wolfie had his tail between its leg.

"Not a bad idea, I suppose. The killings will increase if we don't take a step."

I never really thought about Maisy's heritage. Her late sister had the gift but she couldn't have had it. I had been keeping her in the dark on a lot of things and she showed no signs of knowing what I intended to do.

But... When she arrived in Nodith, She had been mumbling about ghosts.

How could I be so stupid?

I could cross away any excuses, Maisy was indeed a whisperer and that meant she wasn't safe. I quickened my steps just imagining she was in danger. Memories of Tatia's last moment with me flashed so bright that the whole scenario seemed like it was happening again. The pain of watching her and just laying there numb and useless while she slipped away.

Endorphins sent my heart racing and my body ached.

"Are you okay?" Anthony quizzed.

"Yes." I sent back, my blood boiling for no reason.

Anthony stared at me wide-eyed, "Eric...your eyes..."

Damn! I was shifting.

"I think you should head back to the castle without me." I managed to say before my wolf completely took over.

First, my fingers elongated, taking the form of golden brown claws. A howl escaped my throat, resulting from the pain that shot through my body.

My Howls drowned the nocturnal music. I shrunk then the pain stopped. I stared up at Anthony, puffed and ran off.


After my release, I stood naked in the middle of the woods. My hands dug into the moist dark earth searching for the chest buried within. It was one of the many buried in strategic positions to curb with the after-effects of torn clothes.

I found the chest and got it out. Opening it, I brought out the clothing inside out. A sleeved vest lacking the sack coat and a pair of black pants, ruffled so much that no one would recognize m

turbulence in my life.

"You don't have you found this Sara... You're beautiful and any man would want you."

She stopped approaching and stroked her chin, "If that's so. I want the man who took me that night. The man who dominated me."

"Sara, stop this madness! Whatever happened that night was a mistake and I just want to forget about it."

Sara ignored my pleas and pressed close forcefully locking our lips.

Before I could react, The door swung open. So quick that I was too stunned to move. It was Maisy.

Her emotions were not hidden on her innocent face. Her pain was evident in the crease of her brow and the down-curve of her plush pink lips and her eyes, her eyes showed her soul. They were a deep pool of restless ginger, a black hole of hopeless grief.

I pushed Sara off me and approached Maisy as quick as my leg could carry me.

"Wait Maisy, I can explain."

She didn't give me a chance, she didn't hear me out, The door just slammed shut, right in my face.

That was it! No more Mr Nice guy.

I confronted Sara who stood there satisfied with her work.

"You wanted to be dominated, Didn't you?" I roared.

"Yes." She got to her knees, a submissive by choice.

I didn't know if this was actually me or my wolf but one thing I knew was I wanted to torture Sara.

My pants fell to the floor

"Do you want my cock, Sara?"


"Beg for it!"


"Louder, " I yelled.


Now she would know pain!

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