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   Chapter 20 Two to tango

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I crept quietly into the dark room which was now my room. The blinds were black and thick, blocking any moonlight from passing through. All in my favor. I shut the door and slowly as I could until I heard my father's voice.

He wasn't sleeping? What a wasted effort.

I smoothened my robe and tried to act like someone who had nothing to hide.

"I didn't want to disturb you."

Father got up, staring at me like he didn't believe what I just said.

"Sit down, I need to talk to you."

I had a good guess it was about Eric and I. I so did not want this conversation but what could I do? I sat close to him the bed cushioning my buttocks in a comfortable manner.

"It must have been hard knowing all these and unable to tell me."

My throat went dry. I remembered the very day I found out Eric's scheme. It brought me to the point of tears.

"I'm sorry for shouting at you. You were just trying to protect me and I should have paid more attention."

I stopped him right there, "No. You deserved the truth."

Since our conversation was on a lighter note, I felt more comfortable...more open.

"Does he plan on going with a divorce?" He asked.

I picked a pillow and squeezed it tight. I was still keeping secrets from my father but he needed the truth.

"There's something, I need to tell you." I began.

Father gave me his attention, listening intently to anything I had to say. I took a deep breath and continued.

"Yes but there is a condition, I have to give him a part of my inheritance."

Father turned blue.

"Your inheritance? What inheritan... That inheritance."

He scratched his chin, thinking hard.

"Why would he want your inheritance?"

Whatever question he was throwing at me, I had no answer your them. It was the same question I had asked myself but never summoned the courage to ask Eric. He wouldn't even tell me the truth anyway. My thoughts diverted to Sara. She had helped me once before, Maybe she could tell me why Eric wanted my inheritance.

"Will you do it? You know, Give him your family inheritance? From what I believe, the Royal treasury might be empty and the tax being imposed might not be enough for their luxurious lifestyle. Don't yo

l the wrong he made in his youth.

"You only want the house?" He raised an eyebrow, coughing loudly after speaking.

"Yes, " I replied.

I knew control. I made no mistake in my dealings. It was fair to say I took his genes.

"Okay." He voiced, "You can leave now. It's getting late. Get some sleep."

I obeyed like.a good girl and walked out. When those doors closed, I gave my victory dance.

It was a sure banter I was going to get more than what I bargained for.

I headed to my room to get some beauty sleep. The whispers came. I hit my head, hoping to reset it. This time, the screams of the spirits were strong. My head pulsed and I felt liquid... thick hot liquid dripped from my nose.

I ran my fingers on my moist nose and checked what it was.


My vision blurred as I raced against time for my room.

I chanted the holy words that kept my nature at bay. Their screams intensified and I felt myself slipping away. Blocking the spirit channel in me had its side effects. Every word of advice or manipulation they had in store came at once when the necklace wasn't on me.

I pushed the doors able, now half-blind. I knew where my jewelry box was and could trace it even if I was blind. I got the box and scattered it's contents to the floor. The exceptional jewelry was a golden sculpted butterfly with glowing emeralds adorning the wings.

Its touch sent warmth and comfort to my soul. The sprits had lost their hold.

Stupid demons.

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