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   Chapter 18 Territorial

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I walked up to the man buckling up his horse, Silent and adjusting the hood covering my face.

"What do you want?" The man demanded before

I even got to him.

"I want to talk, " I muttered, rubbing my palms together to cope with the anxiety.

The man stopped what he was doing and faced me.

"What help can you people render this time?"

The tone he used indicated he hardly cared about what I had to say. He continued to saddle up the horse.

I coughed, trying to find the perfect conversation starter.

"You wanted to know how Tatia died, "I informed.

The man stopped and grabbed me by the shoulders roughly.

"Is this to taunt me!" He roared, his red bulgy eyes laced with rage.

"No...No..." I stammered, cowering in his domineering aura.

"I just want to help."

"Spill." He urged not letting go of me.

It was odd when I felt a twitch in my pants. An awkward moment for a boner. I brushed my quick attraction for the man and spilled what the secret I had.

"Tatia was murdered by the Prince himself."

The man gave me an ominous stare then said, "Who? Eric?"

"Yes. Your daughter was engaged to Eric."

"Wait, What!" The man pulled me closer and we were literally touching. My Peter threatened to tear out if caution wasn't taken.

"Eric and Tatia were a thing?"

"Yes!" I mumbled.

"Tell me more."

"Y—es they were engaged and a night to their wedding, She died. They said it was suicide but I know better."

He released his grip on me and paced disturbingly in circles.

"He deceived us... I bet Tatia doesn't even know." I heard him mumble to himself.

I stood there awkwardly as he continued his aside.

"How do you know this?" He inquired.

"I—used to work in the palace."

A comfortable lie, Conrad owed me big time for this. Lying to a hottie was so not in my groove.

I watched him brush his hair with his finger as he sighed, I could sense the desperation in his voice.

God, I could read him like a book.

"If what you're saying is true, then Maisy isn't safe. I can't leave her here."

I guessed this was what Conrad wanted, To get him to stay but why?

"But why are you telling me this?"

He just had to ask that. I wasn't prepared for this manipulative game Conrad forced me to play. I glanced at him briefly at  C

y the fact that he came back.

She stole looks at me and If I could read her mind, it would be searching for answers as to how I had done it.

"It's not okay Maisy. You don't know these people. They killed Tatia." He said perplexed.

"I know father."

I gave her a look that told her she was being stupid. She immediately reversed what she said.

"I mean— I just knew... But I can't go. I'm trapped."

Spencer broke the hug and peered into her eyes, wondering why the hell she would say that.

"What do you mean? Listen to me Maisy. We'll leave this place tonight and nothing can stop me."

That was my cue.

"Actually, you can't go anywhere."

Spencer shot me darts with his eyes. He took a step forward threatening to ram me down but I stood my ground. My guards could strike him down if he made the wrong move but I doubted if that would be necessary.

"What do you mean!" He demanded, taking his steps faster. He stopped when he was inches say from me. Security had taken a stance and we're ready to spill blood if necessary. Spencer saw this and chilled down, drawing his fists.

"Let us out if here and we won't be of any trouble."

"I'm afraid that won't be possible Spencer. Just to juggle your memory a bit, Remember I'm married to Maisy and technically I own her so I say where she goes and where she doesn't."

Spencer was enraged by what I said but Frankly, he knew there was nothing he could do. He had no powers here, No one so now he was basically my pawn.

Royalty could be a dick sometimes.

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