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   Chapter 17 keep the lies

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"I don't understand what you're getting at." I got up and faced the girl called Lucy.

She played dumb then continued, "I thought you knew."

"Knew what!" I snapped back.

Everyone turned to me wondering what made me fume badly. I could hear their murmurs and all eyes were on me.

Lucy looked at Dale then back at me.

"I'm sorry. I made a mistake." She mumbled and tried to leave.

I blocked her path before she could make her getaway and asked for the last time who Tatia was.

"She's no one. You're—hurting me." I didn't realize I was holding her so tight. I had literally dug my fingers into her shoulders. Blood seeped out and I had to let her go.

"What's wrong with you? Do you want to hurt her?" A male guest who couldn't take it anymore intervened.

"I just want to know what's she's saying?" I retorted not enjoying his cocky nature at all.

Katherine's father wheeled towards me and coughed out, "Spencer, I think you should call down..."

"Don't tell me to calm down Dale!" My outburst surprised me. Despite my natural dislike for the man, I had always respected him, So much that I took his family name for mine.

"I'm sorry. It's just that I have a gut feeling you're hiding something."

Dale exhaled and shook his head disappointedly.

"Katherine didn't tell you then. It's time you know."

My heartbeat tripled hearing these words. I felt like a news that was going to crush my life was going to come out from his lips.

"Katherine had twins..." The old man paused and let the words sink in before going on, " She gave one to me. I named her Tatia."

All I could hear was a buzz. I couldn't just believe everything he said word for word. I knew Katherine. I knew her right from the cradle, She wouldn't do something like this. She would never do such.

"Where...Where is she?" I stammered, struggling to breathe.

This was going for the rocks, I could feel it.

"Tatia is dead."

The murmuring around me intensified. People spoke vile words to God knows who. I couldn't concentrate on that. All I could think of was how my pretty world in a glass sphere shattered to nothing but shards.

"What killed her? How did she die?"

Nobody answered. They all stared on like guilty fools.

"Somebody should tell me right now or I'll do som

while I can't let you go yet. I want you to know it's because I need a particular your inheritance badly."

She gave a weak smile and said, "Sorry doesn't bring my father back. Somethings can't be forgiven."

"What if I had a bribe? Would you forgive me?" I winked.

She giggled, a sweet memory that would remain evergreen in my memory.


"Won't say but, I promise you he'll come for you tonight. He'll take back everything he said and Like you, he'll hate me with passion."

"I don't know why I should even take your words with levity. You've lied to me in the past."

My heart shattered hearing her just say that. I had kept my distance for two reasons. Tatia would always be the one I loved and being with Maisy would just be wrong. The second was to protect her from a fate that awaited her if we got to close. She would never understand so I didn't bother trying.

"Then give me this chance to prove myself."


It felt like the best moments I had with her was about to end but then the strangest thing happened.

Her arms held me tight.

Her hug was stronger than anything I'd ever known, as if holding me wasn't quite enough. I felt every ounce that I was press into every ounce that is hers. At that moment I felt awake somehow, more alive than I had been in so very long.

Her hug cocooned my secret hurt, I felt safe within those walls, protected.

It lasted minutes but those where the best moments of my life and if I could get a wish, it would be to relive the moment once again.

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