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   Chapter 16 Wolves in skin

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"Unhand him!" I yelled to the guards as I raced to father.

They looked dumbstruck but they obeyed me.

At least I had that kind of power.

"He doesn't have an invitation." One of them commented.

I faced him, struggling with the desire to slap him dirty for handling my father roughly.

"This man happens to be my father. So let me ask you, Do you need your job?" The authority in my own voice made me cringe.

He kept his head down his submission and muttered his apology inaudibly. I ignored them and took father inside.

He hugged me when we were away from the gates.

"You're safe." He mumbled.

I wanted to tell him what I was facing right there but, What was he doing here?

"What happened?"

"Are you happy here?" He inquired, quite unexpected.

I was silent. A part of me wanted to tell him he was right but that would also mean I was wrong, That I was still a child and I couldn't face my own mistakes.

"Yes, "I replied.

His face turned serious, the lines on them was disturbing.

"Is anything wrong?"

"I have to tell you something Maisy."

He was pale, I could tell something had gone horribly wrong.

"Ewan...I sent him here..." Father mumbled shaking. He was incoherent and I couldn't make out a word he said.

"Father, You have to calm down. What happened to Ewan?"

"Something attacked him, Ewan is dead."

I felt my heart constricting in its cages.

"What?... How?" The words just came out, I wasn't really saying them.

Ewan was dead and I was numb to the head. I was already facing a lot and now this.

"I was worried about you since you didn't message at all so I sent Ewan to you. He came back but he was attacked... right in front of me and I could do nothing."

He couldn't hold the pain and he burst into tears, holding me for support.

"If Ria hadn't come. I might have died too."

While he said those words, I blamed myself for Ewan's death. My stupid choice had cost someone his future. Tears escaped my eyes just thinking about it.


I caught on but what father said hardly made sense. How could Ria have saved him? She was just a horse.

" Ria isn't just a horse. She's a mystic."

I had heard tales of mystic. Mother had repeated them to me several times till I hated the stories and would what father said, They might actually be real.

"Where i

to even sit comfortably with him. This was a man that would have shot me down if he had the chance in the past. I knew I should let go of the past but I just couldn't let go of the hate.

"I'm so sorry Spencer." He apologized, surprisingly, "I caused you so many troubles in the past."

He seemed genuine and I was moved to pity. Time was the only thing that broke men.

"It's okay. You were just trying to protect Katherine. I would do the same and frankly, I think I understand more now."

Mr Quinn gave a weak smile, turning silent.

A girl I didn't know from Adam's came towards us.

"Who's this grandfather?"

Mr Quinn introduced me.

"This is Spencer, Maisy's father, and Spencer, this is Lucy."

"It's nice to meet you." The girl said.

It's usually nice to meet new people but I had a gut feeling this girl was bad news.

"How are you coping Mr Spencer?" She continued, "Losing two people in your life. It must be hard."

I tried to comprehend what she was saying but it was strange. I only lost Katherine and of course, Ewan but nobody here knew him.

"What are you talking about?"

"I'm sympathizing with you, Mr Spencer. Losing your wife and daughter must be hard."

"Daughter?" I quizzed.

At this moment, Katherine's father began to act strange. I caught him sending eye signals to Lucy, begging her to shut up.

I searched the party with my eyes. I stopped when they spotter Maisy. She was very much alive.

"Maisy is alive, What are you talking about?"

"Her sister, Tatia." Lucy retorted.

What was she saying?...

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