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   Chapter 15 Omegas

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"So you're one of them?"

Conrad gave me a hurt expression before giving a mature answer.

"We all have our flaws but my family...we have more than most people do."

He was right. Mine might be the fact that I was too trusting. The fact that I was betrayed by someone who I thought cared struck anew. I really wanted to cry but I swore not to look weak in front of anyone but It was just show, I wasn't strong and no matter how much I tried, I could never need someone else.

"Have you ever been hurt?" I asked, not even sure why I blurted that out.

"Yes." He replied, giving all his attention to me.

"Did you let them go? Did you ever forgive them?"

He paused, "You aren't me so I can't say."

I wiped away the drops that slipped past my walls before saying, "What would you do if everyone lied to you and you feel broken beyond repair? I feel like the whole world has concealed a part of life I never knew existed and...I don't know, It's all just coming at once."

"I think it's okay to be hurt but how you take it matters very much." He said, "The world hurt me once in the past but you have to make that world yours."

Conrad called on a steward and he picked a cup of wine for me.

"It helps." He assured, pushing the cup into my hands before taking his.

I looked down into the contents. All I could see was my reflection. The imperfect and weak me that everyone threw around. I shut my eyes and gobbled the content down, draining even the last drop.

"Wow. It must really hurt." He commented.

It did and I wanted to drown the pain, to put it all behind me.

"How do you dominate the world?" I hiccupped.

The wine was beginning to have its effect and I felt dizzy.

"Set the spirits free."

That didn't make sense. He wasn't my life coach but I expected him to say what I wanted.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, there is something terribly satisfying you want to do to those who cause you pain. It's an inborn part of us. Revenge!"

That would be satisfying but I wasn't in control. I wasn't a rebel and didn't want to be.

"Why don't you stay in the castle since you're Eric's brother?" I changed the subject.

"Stepbrother." He corrected.

Now I

wasn't wrong.

My half-empty cup toppled over. The liquid slowly left the cup which made me squirm. The juice slithered on the table, another attempt of someone from the other realm trying to tell me something.

The movement stopped when the words in wine spelled out 'outside'. I listened to what the voices had to say and left the party.

The guards Eric had put in charge of me followed me, The spirits informed me.

I didn't care if they followed me, as long as they did not stop me. I got to the main entrance where palace guards were fortified to prevent anyone who was not invited from entering. I couldn't go to the gates, they would try to stop me so I stood where I was and examined my surroundings.

Minutes later, I questioned if I heard anything at all or if they were just hallucinations.

A guard approached me.

"Your Majesty, Why are you here?"

I ignored his question and waited for what was to come.

"Turn around." The voices stated.

I did. Their statement led me facing the main gates again waiting for whatever was coming.

I didn't know if it was something evil or good that was on its way but I wouldn't know if I didn't play along. It felt like I was a pawn to a spirit with unfinished business.

A ruckus at the main gate returned my focus. I strained my head to see what was going on.

The guards were arguing with a man, they didn't want him inside but he kept on insisting he was Blueblood.

That man was my father.

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