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   Chapter 14 Acquainted by bond

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"What?"Sara exclaimed, wondering what had made me jump.

Tatia placed a finger to her charred lips and made the sound hush. It made me cringe.

"Are you Ok?" Sara asked, staring at the mirror.

She didn't shout. Which meant I could see ghosts or this was all in my mind.

Tatia continued to torture me. She stretched something unto the mirror. I couldn't read it clearly since it was topsy-turvy but when I concentrated enough. It said something about ticking.

I stared back at her and she gave me her terrifying toothed grin then she vanished.

"Are you ok?" Sara kept asking, seeing how distant I was.

The look on her face made me suspect she was beginning to think I was mentally ill.

"I am Sara, " I replied, finally getting a grip of myself.

"So How did Tatia die?" I  inquired.

"She's..." Before she could reply, the sound of trumpets drowned her voice.

She stopped. It was the fanfare. The castle must be buzzing with pimps and exotic women who wanted to have a gaze at me, The would-be queen.

"You have to go Maisy. We'll talk about this next time." Sara assured.

I turned to take my leave but she stopped me. She adjusted the heavy necklace on my neck and said, "You'll sure this Maisy. You just have to believe."

"Thank you." I acknowledged.

I didn't trust her but I was going to play a game with even the devil himself to get to the bottom of this whirlwind of a life.

"I have to go now."

She nodded and I left her. Shutting the door and walking down the stairs in the company of maids assigned to leech on me, I thought about Tatia. I needed to know why she kept appearing to me and telling me you run.

"And this is the angelic Miss Maisy Quinn, Heir to the Quinn inheritance and our future Queen."

I turned beet red, shocked at the fact that I had reached the garden where the party was being held but was too far from reality to even notice.

The crowd gasped. Most probably from what I looked like. It was like seeing a ghost. Tatia was dead and out of the blues, A twin she never even had appeared. It was just enough to keep everyone jaw down but then the most surprising thing happened.

Someone from around t


He looked up at me and I stared into his deep brown eyes, a pit of chocolate nothingness that brought me to tears. I could feel pain and I was about to feel more than that.

"She killed herself a day to her wedding." He solemnly said, wiping away the waterworks.

I was meant to feel something, anything but there was nothing. Just a pitch-black fuzzy feeling I couldn't understand.

"I...need to go." I excused myself and went back to the party.

Grandfather called me back but I refused to turn back. I just needed to be left alone.


I sat alone, enjoying the solitude in the midst of the busy crowd. Eric was busy making new acquaintances and enemies so he wouldn't be a pain in my neck for a while. Just when I was beginning to enjoy my inner peace, Someone came over.

"Maisy, I've heard a lot about you." A masculine voice said.

I mean, Who does that?

I tilted my head to him, examining his features. Black hair that looked bronze in the lighting and darker eyes, so black I wondered if he could see. He wasn't that handsome but he had the face of a fighter and who wouldn't like that?

"What do you want?" I demanded.

"Come on, they didn't tell you about me?" His intonation on the words he spoke was like a siren song to my ears, inviting.

I shrugged, "No. Who are you?"

He pulled closer, stretching his hand for a handshake.

"I'm Conrad, Your brother in law."

My jaw dropped.

Not another Clarke!

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