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   Chapter 12 Slavery

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"How is he?" I asked the physician tending to Ewan.

The old man shook his head disappointedly.

"Chief, I'm afraid he won't make it."

Ewan blinked, his face disgruntled in pain. My heart bled seeing him in such a state. He was like family to me ever since I found him wandering ten years ago.

I joined him on the floor. If he wasn't going to make it, I could at least remain with him at the last moment.

My mind, however, was not with him. Ria was a unicorn. I twisted backward to see the creature. Ria was grazing like any normal herbivore would.

I remembered the bright rays of rainbows she shot at the beast after us. It was like she knew I was in danger. It made me wonder if Katherine knew Ria was a mystic.

"Spencer." Ewan groaned, now conscious.

"Don't speak." I urged taking a look at his severe injuries.

The physician had tried to sew up the cuts but he had revealed to me that it was a waste of time. Whatever monster did this had spread a deadly venom that affected the healing process. The injuries were sending a pungent smell, much alike to that of a dead rat.

"Maisy..." Ewan continued with great difficulty. He was vomiting out pink squishy flesh.

His own organs!

"What happened to Maisy?"I quizzed, slightly cursing myself for being insensitive.

This boy was dying just trying to something about Maisy.

"She's... trouble..." Ewan managed to muster before his fate overwhelmed.

He jerked violently, blood gushing out his mouth and nostrils.

I hurled up at the sight. Ewan became still, his peeved face now straightened.

"Ewan?" I shook him despite the bike in my throat, "Wake up Ewan."

The healer checked on Ewan, monitoring his pulse and placing his ear on his chest to feel his heartbeat. His facial expression gave me the worst news ever.

"Chief, He's dead."

I collapsed to the ground hearing this. I lingered on his last words, Something about Maisy and trouble.

Was Maisy in trouble?

The question remained unanswered. I was enveloped by the fear that Maisy might have suffered the same fate Ewan suffered if she was still alive.

She hasn't messaged since she left which either meant she wasn't in Nodith yet or she was in trouble.

Now I couldn't b

at me like a Savage and I was too stunned to move. My willpower returned when he was near me. I absconded but my reflexes kicked in too late. He held on to my hands before I could escape and pulled me back to him. I used the rare opportunity to bite into his neck.

He cursed and threw me on the bed. He subdued me and used the bedspread as makeshift ropes. He bounded my arms and legs with ease despite the fight I put up.

"Why are you doing this?" I inquired.

"I didn't mean to hurt you Maisy but I can't afford to lose you now."

God! Was I going to be used in some kind of ritual that involved lookalikes?

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You asked who Tatia is. I'll tell you who she was. She was my late wife."

"What does this have to do with me?"

"You're her last living relative, The heir to the Quinn's inheritance."

This was unimaginable. I never believed anyone would actually do this. He married me for money.

"Did my grandfather know about this?" I inquired.

"He's still searching for you but he'll find out tonight at your ball, " Eric replied, a sinister smile on his face.

"So you really did this for money, I thought there was actually sparks between us."

"Maisy, Sometimes the butterflies are the warning signs. Your father did try to warn you."

Tears escaped my eyes.

"You'll pay for this Clarke!" I yelled.

He chuckled and left the room, locking the room.

I was a fool. My father was right, A serpent was far better than a crippled Clarke.

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