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   Chapter 11 Panorama

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End of Flashback

I heard footsteps approaching so I wiped away my tears and returned back into the bed.

He unlocked the door and came in tiptoeing which proved further that he had something to hide. I pretended to be fast asleep while he quietly shut the door and came to the bed.

I didn't feel his weight on the bed so I squinted my eyes to see what he was doing. I turned to his side.

I saw him pick up his pillows and dropped them to the ground. He intended to sleep there. I couldn't keep pretending, I had to know why.

"What are you doing?" I queried.

My question got him worked up and he was hit with a surprise.

"You're awake." He said, changing the topic.

He slyly took the pillow off the floor and dumped them close to me.

"Yes, Eric. What is going on?"

"What do you mean?" He countered, playing dumb.

"I'm not stupid." I replied with an attitude, "Apart from the fact that you are acting strange and secretive. We haven't had our first night."

It was shocking that I was the one making the first move. As a young girl, I had imagined how I wanted my first time to be and now I was married yet I was still a virgin on the fourth day of marriage.

He sat on the bed, sinking in.

"Maisy, I want this as much as you do but I just have a lot on my mind right now and I didn't think you'll be the one begging for sex."

Even I was surprised. It wasn't like me to be so outspoken.

He kissed me goodnight and went to sleep. He was perfect at eluding my questions but I guess he had some truth in his words. My father was a Chief and had tons to do but compared to being a prince, He was a free spirit.

I closed my eyes to get my mind off it all then I heard a scratching sound. Like nails being scratched on a rough surface.

I remembered my 'ghost experience' and was forced to open my lids.

Out of nowhere, Inscriptions began to form on the mirror next to me.

I hadn't informed Eric about what I saw before because when I checked the mirror earlier, The writing was gone. I contemplated calling his attention to the gory sight  I was seeing right now but I was frozen cold.

I co

out of my reach.

My survival instincts kicked in and I put Ewan on my back.

The horse would be a liability to us if I took it along so I abandoned it. It would give us some time to escape.

"What the fuck was that!" I scrutinized Ewan as I madly took the trail back to the village. Hopefully, we would be safe there.

"Maisy..." Ewan tried to mumble but he was too weak to place the right words.

He was still bleeding in fact, My clothes were now drenched in his claret.

" in..." He continued trying to say in a drunken manner. He was slowly losing his pull on the mortal cord.

Don't give up on me, I pleaded and continued running but I had to stop seeing those auric eyes I had avoided peer right at me again.

The creature which I could not identify preferred to remain in the shadows where it could creep out but I would not be afraid.

Fear killed.

"Hey!" I snarled at the creature.

I noticed a thick liquid drip to the earth and knew we were doomed. A whole horse wasn't enough for the monster and now it wanted us.

The creature let out a roar that shook the earth and stunned me well enough for it to charge for us but then it was hit by showers of rainbow beams.

The creature yelped in pain and faced the being that dared disturb its dinner.

I did the same. My savior was a four-legged beast of burden, my wife's living Memento. Add a silver horn and radiating body.


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