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   Chapter 9 Butterflies 1

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Tears flowed freely as I remembered what Eric spat right into my face.

It just didn't add up. He loved me in Linsea and now, He hated me.

I had made a grave mistake. I remembered father's warning and how I had ignored the warning signs.

"I'm so sorry father." I wept and tried the door multiple times.

Eric had kept me under lock and key and if I concentrated well enough, I could hear his guards say something about Tatia.

Everyone had been saying that since I arrived.

What was going on?

I sank to the ground, the marble was food and unforgiving, Freezing my essence.

I wished I could turn back the hands of time and amend my mistake.

My worries began when we got here...




Guards watched me walk in, arms locked in Eric's.

The stares made me self conscious. I could sense fear and disbelief in their eyes.

"Why are they looking at me like that?" I quizzed Eric, expressing my discomfort.

"Get back to work." Eric sneered authoritatively at them.

They immediately got back to what they were doing but I didn't miss the air of tension.

"It's all right. They are just surprised to see you." Eric said, trying to ease my distress.

"Okay." I held him tightly while led me around the castle.

I made up my mind to focus more on the magnificent scenery.

The Castle walls rose out of the darkness, out of the silent charcoal curtain. They are pitted and forlorn, no longer the bastions of protection and glory that I was sure they used to be.

Under my fingers, the stone was rougher than the callused skin of a mare and it left my skin cold, drawing dampness into my bones.

"Maisy..." I heard someone whispered and instinctively turned around.

"Did you hear that?" I shrunk.

"Hear what?" Eric questioned, walking double the speed to where his family were dining, as a maid had told him.

"I heard someone call my name, " I answered, a bit petrified.

"You're just nervous." He determined and pushed open an oak door.

Golden lights streaks killed the blinding darkness and I caught a

aying here or even eating.

"Ok then, you" He referred to the maid serving him, "Take Maisy to her room."

The maid bowed humbly and escorted me.

My throat tightened as she led the way in eerie silence. She didn't even turn back for a second.

"This is your room, Princess." She opened a magnificent white oak door.

My eyes widened, taking in the splendor of its beauty. Golden walls that appeared to made from pure gold itself. a king-sized bed with pillows bigger than my pelt, sliding closets opposite the bed made from ivory and a fluffy velvet carpet.

The maid left me by myself.

Alone, I decided to do the most awkward thing I could think of.

I jumped into the bed. Bliss couldn't compare what I felt when I collapsed until the soft sweet smelling mattress.

"If only father was here." I thought.

Nothing would ruin this.

I was so wrong. I heard that creepy whisper once again.


I spun around intuitively.

Who is doing this?

"Stop it!" I yelled into the shadows.

The room I once thought was cool was beginning to feel like a hell hole.

A scratching sound followed, it sounded like a knife being scratched on... I faced the mirror and God! How I wished I was wrong but I wasn't. Almost transparent symbols were engraved in the antique mirror on the desk.

Dread filled my spine as I read what was written aloud.


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