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   Chapter 7 Crown of thorns

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After the incident at the Lake, I avoided Eric. It was strange due to the fact it happened today and I was acting like a rape victim. The assault was real though.

Eric, on the other hand, would not be put down so easily. He got his opportunity when we arrived home.

I went to my room to be just by myself but apparently I didn't shut my door and he came in.

"Hey, Can we talk?"


I wasn't ready to listen to whatever he had to say but if we were going to talk, I needed the door wide opened.

I nodded in approval and went for the door, pushing it wide open.

"What do you need to say? I'm pretty tired so can we just get to it."

"Sure. First, I want to apologize about what happened this morning."

He just mentioned it brought back all the memories I had locked away.

"Is that all?" I quizzed.

"And...I also wanted to thank you for saving me."

Why was he so awkward?

He was so sure if himself by the lake, it was almost like he had become a completely different person.

"You're welcome."

Doubt troubled my mind. Something didn't seem right here.

"Why are you telling me all this?" I summoned the courage to ask.

"I felt it was right and I...want us to be friends." He disclosed, stretching his hands for mine.

What game was this?

"Is this some kind of joke?" I blurted out.

I mean...people just don't have a sudden change of attitude.

"Of course. So what do you say?"

I slowly stretched my hands and they clasped.

I felt my body tingle slightly as vibes I had never felt before surged through me.

I stared into his dreamy blue eyes.

I could see my beginning and how this was going to end.

But my heart sang louder than my reasoning.

I guess you never know what infatuation was until you became its slave.

I wanted to know Eric.


Four days later

He held me unto him and I stuck to him like a leech. His heartbeat was the perfect music I needed to hear.

The water was warm just having him ignite the fire in me.

"I'll be going soon Maisy." He revealed, stroking my wet hair.

"Stop saying that!" I punched his rock hard chest and broke away from his cuddle.

He had reminded me since the day we began our affair and has harsh as it was, He would be leaving me soon, For the castle and other girls.

He pulled me closer once again and planted kisses on my neck.

"I'm sorry. I don't wa


"I love you Maisy." He said to my ears.

My tears slid down to his shirt, leaving them moist. I took a deep breath and locked my arms around him.

This was going to be the hardest thing I would ever do but I had to.

"I love you too, " I said back but deep, deep down, I was torn.




The past few days had been hectic for me. Dealing with transformation changes since the ingredients needed for the pills were becoming too costly.

The threats of war were even worse and I needed a break.

This was one reason I never wanted Father's legacy. It was nothing but trouble.

A messenger came into my Chambers and bowed as the customs demanded before telling me the purpose of his visit.

"You have a letter, My Lord."

Good Lord, I grumbled within me.

It could be another death threat or a mortgage of the properties we owned. I guessed it wouldn't be long before Conrad has his way. We were literally falling apart and Eric was nowhere to be found.

The messenger handed me the letter and took leave.

I broke the candle wax seal and unwrapped the contents to read.

I was surprised to learn It was from Eric. Hopefully, he had some good news.

It read, "My dear brother, I have found Tatia's surviving sister and have gotten her to fall in love with me. If all goes well, I will be arriving home very soon."

My heart leaped in joy. Count Cedric's other grandchild was real. He wasn't just a bitter old man who created his own reality to cope with Tatia's murder.

That meant we stood a chance against Conrad, We would be rich once again.

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