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   Chapter 6 Gold and men

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My decision scared me but I didn't care.

No one was going to take advantage of me like that.

I grabbed my dress from the earth and rushed to put them on.

His eyes were on me, I could feel them feeding on me.

I was quick. done clothing my nakedness, I approached him.

With the hate, anger, and humiliation I felt within, I slapped him.

The forest went cold. The birds stopped chirping and the air stopped playing with my hair. A sudden pain I felt in the guts returned 'me' back.

It dawned on me that I was alone with this perv and he could do anything he wanted with me. There had been cases of rape and murder in the village long before. There was no way I was going to become another tale to children.

I got ready for his worst.

His worst... He held his red cheeks and smiled.

"Perv!" I screamed.

He ignored my pain and just kept his eyes on me. I felt uncomfortable.

I left the riverside and took my seat on a rock.

I was red with embarrassment. All I could think of was how to get back at him.

He began to undress and I saw my opportunity. I didn't hide my intentions.

He got his shirt off and moved to his pants. He stopped and glanced at me. He caught me staring and smirked.

Just what I wanted, If he made me uncomfortable, he was going to suffer the same fate.

"Do you want to see something, Miss?" He teased.

"I think it's okay to watch Sir Eric, it's a game isn't it." I played along.

"Are you sure? I can tell you've never seen one before. It would be an honor if I am the first you see."

I was beyond disgusted.

How could this man be a royal? He was a prick... Yes! I said it.

The trousers slowly came off. I held my breath as he slid the only thing that kept me from seeing the huge bulge.

Down it went... I couldn't do it.

I closed my eyes. My mind silently cursed. My daydreams came washing me with desire. I didn't see it last night, what would a little peek cost?

My eyes still closed, I perceived his presence. The musky smell of sweat and dried blood were pungent to my nostrils. I battled with my lids, I wanted them closed but it knew I wanted otherwise.

"You didn't look." I heard him say.

I couldn't resist anymore. I opened my eyes. They met his, sapphire blue.

"Be quick. We have to go."

inded him.

"I know my prince but this are desperate times. Our neighboring kingdoms have broken business ties with us and King of Elyria threatens to wage war if we don't get him his gold."

That I knew. We were under the King of Elyria and we haven't given him tribute for two moons now. The gold mines were hopeless but I knew it was the world of Conrad.

" Thank you for the updates, Gregory."

The advisor nodded, bowed and left.

Emilia immediately rushed in.

"Are you crazy Anthony?" She yelled.

Oh God! Not again.

"What's wrong now, My dear wife?" I asked.

Emilia wasted no time in pouring out her feelings.

"I'll tell you. We are now living like common people, I had to sell my jewelry" she wept, "why can't you just accept that we are desperate, If you hadn't abandoned the throne for your younger brother, we wouldn't be in this financial crisis."

"So you came here to just complain?"

"And to plead to you Anthony, Give the throne to Conrad. I can't keep enduring this torture forever." She voiced.

Done with her impossible demand, She strode out.

Sometimes I wondered why I had agreed to marry her. The reason hit me harshly.

I had conformed to my late father's desire. My eyes went blurry when I remembered the sacrifice I had made for my family, How they squandered Emilia's fortune and trapped me forever with her.

I prayed Eric returned home if he was still alive. If not, This was another sacrifice I had to make.

To break my mother's dying wish and violate our customs.

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