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   Chapter 51 Fifty One

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One year later.

Jayda Miller considered herself as one of the luckiest people on earth. As each day passes by, She never fails to thank God for blessing her with an amazing husband, beautiful children, wonderful family, amazing friends who turned family and also, her successful career.

Getting married to Sebastian was one of the best things that have ever happened to Jayda. Her love for him increases day by day. They've only been married for a year and Sebastian kept his promise by making each day memorable and making She and their children happy.

Of course, they argued and had little misunderstandings in between but they loved each other so much that it hurts for them to stay mad at one another for so long.

Jayda had a hard time balancing her career with being a wife, a Mom and a godmother but she was determined to make it work and she has been doing well so far.

Being a wife and a mom was something she never really pictured herself in but Jayda Miller won't trade her present blessings for anything in the world.

"Asides the documents you need to send to some of our clients, I think we've done everything on our to-do list for this week." Jayda said to Anna, her Secretary"

"Yes, just like every other week, we've completed this week's task, " Anna replied to her Boss.

"Okay then, " Jayda rose to her feet behind her desk and started gathering her things.

Anna smiled, her Boss was getting ready to go home. The most she has stayed back at work since she got married was 6:30 Pm but usually, by 5:30, she was always on her way home. And if there's any extra work, Jayda takes them home to complete them.

Jayda has shown her that It is possible to have it all. (a successful career and a wonderful family)

"So I'll see you on Monday, " Jayda said in a sing-song voice.

"My babies will be expecting me by now and I still have to make dinner. Btwn, we have guests coming over tonight."

"It's fine. I'll email the documents and leave as soon as I'm done."

"Okay dear, I'm a call away if you need any clarification on anything."

"Sure, Have a wonderful weekend. My regards to Ariella and Aaron."

"Thanks, I will and you too." Jayda gave Anna a hug before Anna made her way out of Jayda's office with some files.

Jayda was glad her home was not that far from her office. It was just a fifteen minutes drive which was why she rejected Sebasti

nnnnn." Ariella said in her baby voice while doing a happy dance.

"On that note guys, you have to excuse Mommy. I need to take a shower and then prepare dinner."

"You two, give me a kiss before I go." She demanded.

Ariella and Aaron kissed Jayda's cheeks at the same time before they ran off to the living room to continue watching TV.

"I know Ariella did something naughty today. What did she do?" Jayda said as she collected her bags from Stella.

"She was good. She only threw a tantrum during lunch. Instead of eating her food she said she wanted cookies."

"Sir, called during that time to check on her so he persuaded her to eat her food instead, " Stella replied, referring to Sebastian as Sir.

Jayda smiled, "I'll talk to her to be good."

Stella was still kind of young, she was in her late twenties and very good with kids. She plans to work with the Millers for three years and still has about a year and a half to go after which she will settle down and have her own family. But she does ask for some days off where she goes to visit her parents in her hometown.

Jayda made her way to She and Sebastian's room, She took off her clothes and took a quick shower. Then she changed into black leggings and top and made her way to the kitchen to start dinner.

A month after Jayda and Seb's wedding, Jayda and her friends started a tradition which they've kept till date.

Sebastian, Jayda, Lilian, Roman, Caleb, Michela, Gabriel and their children have dinner together every last Friday of the month. And this time, it was Sebastian and Jayda's turn to host their friends.

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