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   Chapter 48 Forty Eight

Cold Showers By Symplyayisha Characters: 9608

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"Even after two kids, they've started trying for baby number three." A very familiar voice teased.

Jayda and Seb shyly pulled away from the kiss.

Lilian and Roman walked in with pink decorations and gifts. Lily placed all the items on a free couch and made her way to Jayda to hug the hell out of her.

"Congratulations babes!"

"Thank you, Lily."

"I had wanted to come over as soon as I got Seb's text at midnight."

"But again, I remembered we won't be allowed to see you or my goddaughter until a few hours later. I only went to bed when seb texted that you and Ariella are fine."

"Thanks, Lilian, I appreciate everything you do for me, " Jayda said sincerely.

"What are sisters for?" Lilian smiled and then pulled Jayda Into another hug.

"Hey, she's meant to meet me first. I'm her mommy's best friend which means I'm her best friend too. She's also my goddaughter which gives me a priority." Lilian said before Roman could pick up Ariella from her bassinet.

Everyone in the ward chuckled.

"Okay, you go first." Roman raised his hands in defence.

Lilian smiled proudly before picking up the most beautiful little human she has ever laid her eyes on.

"Hi Ariella, I'm your aunt Lily. I felt you kick so many times when you were still in mommy's belly. It's nice to finally meet you, my love." She cooed.

Lilian's heart melted when Ella wrapped her hand around her finger.

"You're so perfect, sweetheart. Thank you for blessing us with your presence by coming into our lives. I promise to spoil you as much as I can, starting from today."

"I also can't wait for you to grow up fast so we will do a lot of things together. I love you, my dear Ariella." She added.

Roman approached Lilian to look at princess Ariella.

"She's perfect. She looks like Jayda but has Seb's eyes." Roman smiled.

"Hi cutie, I'm uncle Romie-Rome, like your older brother will say." He said and Lilian chuckled.

"I'm sure she will have a sexy nickname for you when she starts talking."

Happy tears welled up in Jayda's eyes. She couldn't wait for God to bless Lilian and Roman with their own baby. She has no doubt they will be great parents.

Lilian also took it upon herself to throw Jayda a huge surprise baby shower with the help of her families a month ago. All Jayda did that day was to shed tears of joy. She wondered how she got amazing people beside her.

Lilian made her way over to Jayda and sat beside her with Arielle in her arms. While Roman and Seb engaged in random conversations.

"Do you think she will be a sassy lawyer like you. Or a nerdy and grumpy businessman like Sebastian?" Lily asked, not taking her eyes away from her goddaughter.

"Hey, I can hear you! By the way, I'm not nerdy and grumpy. I'm smart and sexy." Sebastian pouted and they all laughed.

"I don't think I want her to do anything related to law,

o a hug along with the giant teddy bear.

"I missed you, buddy."

"I miss you too Daddy."

"I brought this for Ariella."

Sebastian collected the teddy bear from him and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks, buddy, I'm sure she'll love it."

"Where's Sissy ?" he asked excitedly.

"She's been waiting to see you too. Go say hi to mommy and Sissy."


"Awwww, She's so beautiful." Vanessa cooed as soon as she approached Jayda who was cuddling Ariella.

"May I?" She asked excitedly.

"Sure!" Jayda handed Ariella to her grandmother.

After Jayda handed Ella to her Vanessa, Albert, Sebastian's father gave her a hug.

"Congratulations my child."

"Thank you, Dad." Jayda smiled.

"Hi beautiful, your Grandma is here. We've all been waiting for this day since we heard about your existence in your mommy's belly. I hope you are excited to meet us too." Vanessa smiled at her granddaughter.

Ariella kept studying her grandmother's face as if she knew her from somewhere.

"She looks so much like you Jayda, " Albert said proudly.

" But I'm glad she has the Millers' eyes." Jayda smiled.


"Hi my love, I've missed you." Jayda cooed as soon as she collected Aaron from Sebastian.

"I miss you too mommy."

"I hope you were good to Stella?"

"I was sad when she told me that you and Daddy went to the hospital without me but I was a good boy."

Jayda kissed his cheek. He is so cute!

Vanessa sat beside Jayda and showed Aaron Ariella who was in her arms.

"Meet your baby sister." Jayda introduced.

"Wow, " Aaron exclaimed at one glance.

"She's so tiny and very cute." He giggled.

"Is she how you imagined her to be?" Jayda asked.

Aaron nodded positively and then smiled. "She is perfect."

He leaned closer to Ariella and kissed her forehead.

Jayda's heart swelled with so much pride, Aaron was going to be the best big brother ever.

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