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   Chapter 47 Forty Seven

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A Few Months Later!

Sebastian felt very useless standing by Jayda, doing nothing than holding her hand and encouraging her to push by whispering soothing and encouraging words in her ear.

He wished he could do more, he wished he could go through the labour for her or somehow take away all the pain she was feeling. She was in tears and in great pain and it broke his heart.

Seb had tears in his eyes too but he tried as much as he could to hold them back. Jayda relied on him for support and he had to be strong for her.

"I can see her head my love, just a few more pushes and she will be with us." Sebastian encouraged, before placing a kiss on her sweaty face.

"You can do it Jayda, you're the strongest woman I know." He added.

Another tear rolled down Jayda's cheek before using all the strength left in her to push really hard.

And then, the cry of a bouncing baby girl followed suit.

Jayda jammed her head against the pillow and heaved a sigh of relief.

"You did it, my love, I'm so proud of you." Sebastian placed a kiss on her lips before going over to cut their baby's cord.

Jayda was wrong when she thought she was done crying. Fresh tears rolled down her cheeks when a nurse placed her baby girl on her chest.

"She's so perfect and beautiful, " Jayda said in happy tears as she placed a finger by her baby's hand. Her heart swelled with so much pride when her little princess wrapped her warm hands around the finger.

"Yes, She's perfect and beautiful, just like her mom. You two complete me. Thank you for blessing us with our gorgeous Ariella." Seb placed a kiss on Jayda's forehead.

Ariella Sophie Lynn Miller opened her eyes as soon as she heard her name.

Jayda awed. "She recognizes your voice since you and Aaron would never stop talking to her while she was in my Tommy."

"I'm so happy she has your eyes, " Jayda added.

Sebastian smiled proudly as he caressed Ariella's soft cheeks. "I can do nothing but watch her all day. She's so perfect and calm."

Jayda smiled weakly, "Me too."

After a while, A nurse came to collect Ariella from her parents to weigh her and perform other necessary check-ups. Jayda was also cleaned up too and with the supervision of the nurse, Sebastian had the opportunity to give his daughter her first bath and put on her clothes for her.

After Jayda and her baby were cleaned up, they were both transferred into a VIP ward.

Jayda managed to stay awake to breastfeed Ariella and after that, she fell asleep.

Sebastian burped Ariella after which he played with her a little before she fell asleep. And when she did, he carefully placed her in her bassinet.

While both mother and daughter were sleeping, Sebastian reached for his phone and came across multiple text messages and missed calls.

Jayda's water broke around 11 pm so he had texted his family and her family to let them know what was going on and to put them in prayers.

Aaron was sleeping when they left the house; they left him with his nanny.


eb who was engrossed with Ariella.

Doctor Davis and the nurse did a quick check-up on Jayda and Ariella and everything seems to be going well which was such a huge relief to Sebastian.

"I asked her if she would like to eat anything but she said she isn't hungry. I don't know if I should believe that or not." Sebastian said worriedly.

He felt Jayda needed to eat something to regain her lost energy and again, she was breastfeeding Ariella which was almost the same at eating for two.

Doctor Davis turned her attention to Jayda.

"Do you feel hungry?" She asked in all honesty.

Jayda had a sad smile on her face. "Not really." She answered truthfully.

"Unless it's necessary for me to eat something but honestly I'm not hungry." She added.

Doctor Davis smiled."It's actually up to you if you want to eat or not. I don't want to impose too much on your body. But you'll have to start with liquid food."

"You can have a little oatmeal now and perhaps when you get hungry later, you'll have whatever you want to."

Jayda was reluctant because she was afraid of hospital food even when she was on a VIP treat and anything could be made for her instantly. She was glad Sebastian came to her rescue.

"Thanks, Doc, I'll contact my Mom to come along with some oatmeal for her, " Seb said before reaching out for his phone.

"Okay then, before I forget, you have a visitor."

"Wow." Jayda smiled, wondering who was so eager to see them when it was barely 8 am.

She had a feeling it was no other than her best friend, Lilian.

"Please let them in, " Jayda said excitedly.

"Okay dear, I'll check up on you later." Doctor Davis said before she and the nurse made their way out of the ward.

Sebastian made his way over to Jayda. "Mom will be here soon with Aaron and your oatmeal."

"Thanks. Seeing that our daughter is healthy makes me full; I can't wait for everyone to meet her. But don't worry, I'll eat a little for your peace of mind." She assured and Sebastian kissed her lips.

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