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   Chapter 46 Forty Six

Cold Showers By Symplyayisha Characters: 5530

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A Few weeks later!

Jayda was seated behind her desk, going through some files when she felt a weird movement in her belly.

At first, She got scared, hoping nothing bad was happening to her daughter.

She gently placed her hand on her belly and when she felt the movement again, happy tears welled up in her eyes at the realization of what had just happened.

"She moved!"

"Her baby girl kicked!"

Jayda wanted to go to the rooftop and shout to the whole world that she felt her baby move for the first time.

Smiling like crazy, She reached for her phone and dialled Sebastian who picked up almost immediately.

"It hasn't even been up to two hours and you're already missing me." Sebastian teased from the other side.

"Sorry to burst your ego, my dear fiancé, I wasn't missing you. I just called to let you know the latest news about your daughter."

"Is anything the matter? Do you need me to come over?" Sebastian asked, already at alert.

"Nothing is wrong Seb. She moved for the first time; I felt her tiny kick."

"Are you for real?" He said excitedly

Jayda nodded positively. Remembering he could not see her, She replied.

"Yes love, and it feels so amazing. I think she is trying to tell me how much she loves me and thank me for taking good care of her." Jayda smiled.

"I wish I was there with you to experience her first kick." Sebastian smiled sadly.

"Me too. Don't worry, you'll experience more of her kicks." Jayda assured.


Later in the evening.

Since they moved into their new home, it was a tradition for Seb, Jayda and Aaron to have breakfast and dinner together and a

the names you suggested. I wonder why you never said anything before now." Jayda smiled as she slid in beside Sebastian.

Sebastian playfully scratched the back of his neck and spoke shyly. "I never said anything because I wasn't sure you'll like the names."

"I love all the names you suggested, thank you for blessing me with such a wonderful miracle." She kissed his cheek.

Sebastian chuckled, "We didn't start off on the right part but thank God we are good now. I'm sorry for everything I put you through. That was honestly not the real me."

"I almost went insane when I found out I was pregnant but now, she's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Feeling her move gives me another reason to be grateful."

"I was almost in tears when I felt a movement earlier today. I thought something was going wrong but when the realization hit me, it all turned to tears of joy."

"I love you, Sebastian. You, Aaron and our baby girl complete me. Thanks for giving me the best life I never dreamt of."

"Thank you too for loving us unconditionally, " Seb said and kissed her forehead.

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