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   Chapter 44 Forty Four

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A Few weeks later.

Jayda noticed all is not well with Lilian. It's been two weeks since She and Sebastian came back from their one week vacation and she hasn't seen Lilian.

Whenever Jayda calls to say Hi, She could tell something was not right and no matter how much she persuaded, Lilian would not say anything. Instead, she would give an excuse to end the call with Jayda and also promise to call back and she never did.

Jayda also reached out to Roman, Lily's boyfriend, maybe he would give her a hint on what was going on.

Roman assured her everything was fine but she found it hard to believe him.

Having decided that she has had enough, Jayda made up her mind to go visit Lilian; a surprise visit. She knew if she called to inform her that she was coming over, Lilian was going to make some silly excuses and give her lame reasons why she shouldn't show up.

After four rings, Lilian finally answered her door.

"W...what are doing here?" She asked as soon as she opened the door.

Jayda took in her best friend's appearance and almost wondered if she was at the wrong apartment. Lilian wasn't looking like her usual self. She was putting on baggy pyjamas, her hair was in a rough messy bun and her eyes were swollen from crying.

Jayda walked into Lilian's apartment and settled on the couch without saying a word. She felt like the worst friend on earth; knowing Lilian was going through something that could make her tear up and Lilian could not talk to her about it.

Lily locked her door and then made her way over to the couch and took a seat beside Jayda.

"What's wrong Lily?" Jayda asked with a heavy heart.

"Nothing" She replied, looking everywhere else except for Jayda.

Jayda let out a sigh, "I know something is wrong, please tell me."

"Nothing is wrong, Jay!" Lilian whispered, looking down at her hands.

"You don't know how much I hate myself now because I feel like I've betrayed you. You are hurting, you need me and I've not been there for you. Please tell me what's wrong." Jayda pleaded.

A tear rolled down Lilian's cheek which she wiped away immediately with the back of her palm.

Jayda took Lilian's hands in hers and persuaded. "I've never judged you for anything and I won't start now. Please tell me what is going on."

Lilian heaved a sigh and for the first time that night, she looked into Jayda's worried eyes.

"R... Rome...Roman and I are no... no longer together." She shuttered.

A look of confusion overtook Jayda's face. She still spoke to Roman two days ago and he sounded like everything was fine.

"How??? When??? What happened?" Jayda asked after a while.

"I broke up with him, " Lilian confessed with tea

ebastian and Aaron can manage without me for tonight."

"Are you sure?" Lilian asked and Jayda nodded positively.

"I know you've not eaten all day. What do you feel like taking?"

"I'm not hungry, " Lilian whispered.

"Will you manage a few slices of pizza? I don't want you to go to bed on an empty stomach."

"Seriously Jay! I'm okay." Lilian assured.

"I'll pretend I didn't hear that, " Jayda said, reached for her phone and dialled a pizza shop.

Jayda pulled Lilian into a final hug and whispered in her ear. "Everything will be fine" She promised.

Lilian nodded positively.

"I want to soak myself in the tub for some minutes I'll be right back."

Jayda looked at Lily with a 'please don't do anything stupid look'

"I promise not to do anything stupid." She said but Jayda was not convinced.

She accompanied Lilian to her bathroom and prepared a bath for her. Then she gave her some privacy but promised to check up on her in a few minutes.


When Jayda got to the living room, she reached for her phone and dialled Sebastian.

"Hi, love." She said to the other side. From the way she sounded, Seb could tell all was not well.

"Heyy, is Lilian okay?" He asked concerned.

"No, she's not. She and Roman are currently going through a rough part. It's a long story, I will explain when we see."

"Do you mind if I stay over for the night? Lilian needs me."

"Sure, She would have done the same for you in haste."

"Don't worry, Aaron and I will be fine. We will come over tomorrow morning with breakfast."

"Thanks my love, Give Aaron a kiss for me. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

"I will. Take care of yourself and my little miracle. My regards to Lilian. I love you."

"I love you too babe, Goodnight, " Jayda said and then ended the call.

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