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   Chapter 41 Forty One

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Sebastian took Jayda to an Art Gallery owned by Seb's high school friend, after that they made their way to the movies; Sebby booked a whole theatre for himself and Jayda with VIP treatment and their final stop was at the park not far from Jayda's apartment. They bought Ice Cream, sat on a bench to enjoy it while making conversations and then they took a stroll around the park before they headed back to Jayda's apartment to prepare for her birthday dinner.

Sebastian took a shower and got ready in the guest room while Jayda got ready in her room.

When he was done, he made his way to Jayda's room.

She was already dressed up. He saw her sitting on the bed, about to put on her heels.

"Let me help you." Sebastian offered even though she could very much do that herself.

He slid in the left and right heels on both feet and then help her stand up.

Sebastian tried to hold back tears as he took all of Jayda in. He couldn't believe how lucky he got to tame such an amazing human being. The dress she wore fits her like a second skin, it also enhanced her well-defined baby bump which made her look sexier. She had little makeup on and she was glowing wonderfully well.

He wrapped her arms around her waist and spoke, looking into her gorgeous eyes "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes on Jayda."

She blushed.

"Thank you! The same goes for you. You're the most handsome man in the world and I'm proud to call you mine."

Sebastian smiled and placed a kiss on her lips.

"We gave to get going. Our guests must be waiting for us."

"Will Aaron be there?" She asked hopefully.

"Yes! He also has a gift that he can't wait to give to you."

Jayda smiled, "I love receiving gifts from him. I can't wait to see what he drew this time around"

"So where will the dinner take place?" Jayda asked as she and Seb walk side by side out of her apartment with his hand on her lower back.

"You will see about that." He kissed her lips before opening the front passenger seat for her.

Jayda decided not to ask Seb any more questions about her birthday dinner. She decided to just go with the flow and enjoy her night. She was with him so she was safe. She engaged in conversations with Sebastian until he pulled up in a very strange but beautiful place.

Sebastian turned to Jayda to say something before he made his way out of the car.

"Getting a venue for tonight was quite difficult because I wanted us to get the perfect place for the perfect night. That includes a beautiful, well secured and press free venue. I invited my family members, your family and a few of your colleagues. I hope you have fun tonight my love." He looked into her beautiful eyes sincerely.

"That explains why I only got a text from my Dad this morning, wishing me a happy birthday. Perhaps my mom and brother were calm about it because they will be seeing me tonight."

"Definitely. So are you ready to see everyone?" He asked and she nodded.

He kissed her hand before getting down from the car and assisting her out.

They both walked into the venue with their hands intertwined.

It was an outdoor birthday dinner; beautifully decorated and already filled with guests who were either family or close friends to Sebastian or Jayda.

Jayda stopped in her tracks to look at Seb. "This is beautiful, Thank you." She said sincerely. He really went out of his way to make this birthday a wonderful one for her.

Sebastian chuckled, he was tired of hearing her say thank you all the time. "Anything for you babes." He connected his hand with hers and they made their way to where their guests were.

"Mom, I was already getting mad at you for not calling to wish me a happy birthday. But I'm happy you're here." Jayda said before pulling her mom into a hug.

Grace chuckled, "There's no way in hell I'm going to forget my princess's birthday. Happy Birthday my love."

"Thanks, Mom, " Jayda replied as she pulled away from the hug. Then she hugged her Dad.

"Happy Birthday my love." David greeted.

"Thank you, Daddy."

"You're looking very beautiful tonight dear."

Jayda blushed. "Maybe it's because of the dress."

"That is a plus. You're also glowing wonderfully well. Se

not only my Boss and my role model but also my Sister in law. Like, how cool is that?"

Jayda blushed.


"Congratulations baby Sis."

"Thank you, Lucas." Jayda hugged her brother back.

"He's a good man you know?" He gestured towards Sebastian who was busy accepting the congratulations of other guests.

"I know, I don't know how I got lucky to have him in my life."

"I've always told you that you are the lucky one in the family. I hope you believe that now." Lucas smiled.

"Anyways, he asked Mom and Dad for your hand in marriage, he wanted their blessings before he asked their princess to marry him. He also met with me and told me of his intention to make you his wife."

"He loves you so much Jayda and I have no doubt he's going to fulfil all his promises to you. Always love and cherish him too. No relationship is perfect, Christine and I do fight sometimes and so do mom and Dad who have been married since like forever."

"Good communication and trust is the key to every relationship and there are times when you two will be overwhelmed about everything but love him and always be there for him okay?" Lucas said and Jayda nodded.

"I wish you all the happiness in the world baby Sis, " Lucas said as he hugged Jayda once more.

Everyone at the party congratulated Sebastian and Jayda on their engagement.

Soon enough Sebastian approached Jayda with Aaron in his arms.

"Congralation Jayda and Daddy, " Aaron said excitedly.

Jayda chuckled while Seb corrected Aaron with a smile. "It's Congratulations buddy."

Aaron ignored his father's correction and asked Jayda. "Grandma said you and Daddy will get married."

Sebastian groaned, he felt his son was too young to be familiar with the meaning of marriage.

"Yes, my love. Daddy and I are getting married." Jayda said as she leaned closer to kiss Sebastian's cheek and then Aaron's cheek. (He was still in his father's arms).

"So that means you'll be my mommy too?" Aaron grinned.

Jayda and Sebastian looked at each other, surprised.

When Aaron got no reply, he continued talking.

"My mommy says if Daddy gets married to Jayda then Jayda is my mommy too. So I have two mommies." He raised two fingers.

"Mommy says Jayda loves me so I should obey Jayda and love Jayda too."

"I told aunt Olivia and she said I'm a lucky boy for having two mommies that loves me very much."

"You love me right?" Aaron asked Jayda who couldn't stop smiling with tears in her eyes.

Jayda took Aaron from Seb and gave him a motherly hug.

"I love you more than you can ever imagine my prince." She said and then she kissed his forehead.

Sebastian's heart swelled with so much joy and happiness. His family, his pride. He closed the gap between them and hugged them after which he kissed their foreheads.

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